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With the launch of the iphone Apple is back to suing bloggers again

Apple Bullies Bloggers, AgainVia techcrunch

Today Apple is engaging in similar tactics against a number of bloggers who simply reported on the fact that someone created a skin for Windows Mobile phones that looks exactly like the new iPhone user interface. See the images above - the Windows version is on the left, Appleā€™s version is on the right.


I can see...

I can see them sending letters to the sites hosting the skins, but to harass bloggers reporting on the skins because they host screenshots is ridiculous. The bloggers are well within legal fair use guidelines.

The real problem I see from corporations abusing legal tactics is that it will desensitize hosts, ISPs, and data centers from legitimate DMCA letters. Most small webmasters can't afford to go much further than sending a letter to a host/ISP to protect their copyrights. Continued abuses in this direction will turn the most common response to these letters from immediate action to long term inaction.

This just makes me want

This just makes me want Apple to lose the lawsuit on the name iPhone.

What's impressive is how

What's impressive is how many companies can be loved so much by their fan base, even when using strong tactics against those very fans.


Suing bloggers is terrible. I was thinking about buying an Apple to replace some of the work I have to do on Windows, but forget it now.

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