Special - Free Cash Keywords Database Report Give Away [CLOSED]


No, it's true, kinda - here's the coup: I get approached about once a week by folks wanting to buy adspace here. I politely refuse, it's never been on the agenda (though some talk of ads for non-members has been had in the past) So, i was contacted by company about to launch a new product and naturally, i turned them down. I thought about it a bit and then finally went back to them with an idea i HOPE you like, that would help me experiment with an idea for monetizing TW.

Here's the Deal - $150 worth of Kit - Free for TW Members

Before i explain what it is, be aware that no money has changed hands with me and this company. They wanted to buy space but what i've actually given them is an apportunity to GIVE you their product for free. The idea is that:

  • You will like it
  • We can do it again

At this stage it is simply an experiment.

CashKeywords - 26,000 Term High Bid Keyword Database

CashKeywords knock out reports on different keyword sectors - they have 3 different products all of which are explained on the Threadwatch Members Offer Page - Essentially it boils down to this though: You get to choose one report from the following options:

  1. Mega Top Dollar Report - Over 26,000 bid results.
  2. High Profit Reports - 10 categories available.
  3. Mini High Profit Reports - 83 topics available.

Details are given on the member offer page of the differences between each available report. Follow the title link above for the rest of the post

So what are these reports good for?
Pretty much anything you want to do with them - if you publish for adsense they're especially useful - Roxanne, one of the people behind CashKeywords gave me a couple of reports to look at and i thought they were pretty good - if you get your report and cant work out what to do with it then what are you doing here anyway? heh...

How do i get my report?
Easy, first go read everything on the Threadwatch members offer page - if you have questions, ask them here in the thread.

After that, just [closed]send a private message to this account[closed] with the following information:

  • The type of report you want (mega, high profit or mini-high profit)
  • If you choose the high profit or mini-high then say which category you want also (there are several categories under each of those product titles)
  • The email address you want this to be sent to

That's it. If you have any questions: please post them here.

This Experiment Needs Your Feedback!

I really hope you guys like this idea but i wont be in the least bit offended if you tell me that it SUCKS! Please say what you feel.

Threadwatch must be monetized, we've talked about it on and off for months - one of the possibilities is the subscriber section - that's still happening but has suffered a few set backs and wont be coming online just yet. There have also been a few other suggestions such as showing ads to those without a cookie - ie. members who are logged in DONT see the ads.

Im hoping that this might be a better way. If companies want to reach the Threadwatch boys and girls it's going to COST them. They're going to have to give you stuff for FREE and it's going to have to be fucking brilliant or theres no deal. No stupid offers, no rubbish you can find everywhere else on the web - just genuinely good stuff - and they should feel damn lucky to be given the opportunity to give their stuff to you for free right? ha!

I'll post more on this when we have a few reactions, i dont want to bore the crap out of everbody just yet :) Just remember, this is only an experiment. You guys are fuck off important to me and if you dont like the idea, we'll trash the MF and think of something better ok?

Now, tell me what you think of a) Your CashKeywords Report and b) This style of offer in general.

Thanks everyone :-)


Nice one :O)

Personally I have no objections to ads, subscription or anything else - monetize away :O)

Can we see a sample report?

Can we see a sample report?


Cheers Nick

Now that is an interesting way to make money.

You get paid, handsomely I hope, to introduce some products to us. We get some freebies of a product, if we think its good we may deal with the company in future.

Let me think if I can sell a button pushing tool via you. Its the greatest button pushing tool, obvioulsy my old version, but it works well. I can give the cut down version away via here, then people can buy the better version. Obvioulsy I keep my master.

May be interesting concept indeed. Any of you boys wish to offer your tools to Nick, I'll look at them and be more than willing to buy the best ones.


Request Sent

I sent my request - shit Nick - monetize away, you deserve it for your efforts here. Course, if you can monetize AND get us free shit, then you're the man ;).

What are you thinking?

You must be crazy. First you are supposed to make us pay an annual membership fee, then you are supposed to host a conference in a very cheap place and charge us an expensive price, and then you spam our email accounts. Nick, giving away free stuff is going to ruin any chance of you getting a reputation of being a true sellout, I mean forum. Maybe you just have not been getting enough sleep because of the new baby, and that is why you are acting all crazy.

Since I'm blackhat, I must admit my first thought was how many fake accounts I could open up and get free reports :) I agree with everyone else, Nick you've done a great job and deserve to monetize.

Very interesting indeed. What

Very interesting indeed. What an excellent business model :)

Fake Accounts

Im checking IP's and other data hehe..

Anyone wants to give this a discreet mention wherever else you vist it wouldn't half be appreciated :)

If it’s Free i want some

Being the Chav i am, i’m always happy to take up free offers especially when they have the potential to make me money.

Great work Nick!

I'm fighting the temptation

hehehe, what can I say, I'm just being honest. I wouldn't create false accounts (at least on Nick's site). But whenever I hear of a special offer, my mind automatically starts thinking of how best to use it.


And i wouldnt have it any other way :)

I did forget to mention that this offer lasts for 2wks only - i think it says so on the page though. Also, i am not reading the pm's so if you want to talk to me in private about it for any reason then just pm my normal account.

Roxanne has access to the account of course but there's something "icky" about seeing what folks are interested in even if it is very generic like this :)

Glad everyone seems to like the idea, i have some folks to talk to about future ideas along this line and am hoping to score another nice deal soon (dont worry though, there cant be that many as the bar is pretty high for entrance)


Allow Donations.

Just allow donations and you will be off to a good start. No one expects you to maintain this great site forever for nothing. I'll be the first to pony up some cash. Start promoting SEO products within threads and people will start to doubt the integrity of the site.

Keep the ads separate from the news at a minimum.


No one expects a good site to be run for free. Maintain high integrity with the advertisers you choose, and keep definitive seperation of your advertising from the information and you will be on a good course.

People (including SEO's) WANT advertising (otherwise most of us wouldn't have jobs right?)...they just want it to be high quality and relevant. This product at a brief glance seems to be.


This is not something that hasn't been thought about a LOT

Here's my initial thoughts - long since worked out:

  • Seperate section for this stuff so people can subscribe for email alerts or follow RSS
  • Serious quality stuff - not everything would suit everybody clearly, but the quality of stuff offered would be high - im thinking stuff like this is ok - stuff like a free directory listing is shit - right?
  • Headlines to be prefixed - so you can tell what they are and easily just skip them if you choose
  • Im thinking one a week - but hey, if some really good stuff comes our way then as long as it's no more than one post a day (which i cant see happening but it could) then it's ok

As i said earlier, you guys are damn important - i count all of the active members here as mates and im not in the habbit of feeding my mates full of shit.

Anything i've missed?

Seems fine to me

But then I would take anything free - free directory listing included ;O)

One more thing

There is also the issue of negative feedback:

As i told CashKeywords - Negative reactions will not be edited or removed - if a company wants to brave it out at TW then they give their stuff for free - and the offer lives or dies on the recent posts list.

Hi everybody - Getting your CK report to you

Hi TW!

Checked my box and it's filling up! No worries - I'm getting to each one in order received. We'd like to thank Nick for picking us as the lucky guinea pig! He's great to work with. I am a member too, and it's stuff like this that makes TW my favorite haunt.

We(Cashkeywords) worked to get the best data possible in our reports, and so your input is important, and we will defintely take it into account. Post comments here and I will answer as soon as I can.


the offer lives or dies on the recent posts list.

Trouble is that every man has his price.

I think we are all aware of boards where objectivity has taken second place to, shall we say, commercial pragmatism.

You'll be fine till someone comes along with realy big bucks and makes you an offer you cannot refuse.

In the meantime I think we can be be happy that no editing is taking place :)

And that's the point

Cornwall, that's exactly why no editing is done - i'd like to think that i see the "bigger picture" and that im clever enough to realize that the moment weird shit starts happening when $$$'s are involved i lose credibility but the no edit rule to some extent protects me from myself :) should i suddenly lose my mind.

Provided posts follow the normal guidelines (which are pretty fucking loose..) they remain - good bad or downright painful

Cash Keywords Sample Report

One more thing....We do have a sample report available on our website here:

Just fill in the form and submit and you can grab it immediately as a download in CSV or text format. Might help you figure out what you want to pick out ;^)


Certainly worth a look, IMO :

Certainly worth a look, IMO :)

Info is power and all that stuff..

No longer a lurker

Guess you found one way to pull someone out of lurker status :)

Can't be anon when you see a value you want to snatch and try a Free product.

I had wondered

If you'd made it over here yet eWhisper :)

Now, be a good chap and please introduce yourself! In for a penny, in for a pound after all heh...

Unsurprsingly we've had quite a run on new members over the last few hours, new guys, please do likewise and say hi in the thread above, this is a nice place and that thread helps us all to get know eachother just a little better - welcome to TW..

Do we have anyone that wants to give an opinion on the reports yet? Good or bad, just be honest and if you can constructive - it'd be appreciated...

>First you are supposed to ma

>First you are supposed to make us pay an annual membership fee, then you are supposed to host a conference in a very cheap place and charge us an expensive price, and then you spam our email accounts.

>I think we are all aware of boards where objectivity has taken second place to, shall we say, commercial pragmatism.

Nick and I have discussed this at length. More than a few of us here are aware of the problems that come with "monetizing eyeballs" once a community begins to reach critical mass. In fact, I also told Nick that there would be many that would immediately say they'd be happy to see some monetization ...but then they'd move away if/when the monetization started to kick in. The psychology gets complex, lots or reasons, but the fundamental issue ~the REAL backbreaker~ is when the members get a whiff of betrayal ...that money comes first.

IMHO, I think Nick has chosen the best course (I know he's certainly agonized over it enough, hhh!) by letting the vendor stand on his own. If we like the goods, we say so. If we don't like the goods, we get to have our fun burning the vendor at the stake.

I know that the whole "valuab

I know that the whole "valuable service" has been beaten to death with people telling me that *everything* they do is a valuable service, no matter how crappy it is.

Having said that, I think that there really is an animal called valuable service, and that TW and Nick are providing it. It deserves to be supported.

I do what I can by trying to post stuff that isn't lame or a "me too", but *someone* has to pay to keep this place running.

I know from experience that the "I know we need money for diapers, but my non-commercial website that isn't making me any money needs it more..." isn't a discussion I'd like to have with my wife - You're a brave man, Nick. ;)

IMO, as long as the service you are providing is genuinely useful, and the product and services you introduce are also genuinely useful (and do not interfere with the site or distract unnecessarily), then I definately support it.

I would recommend that the advertisers not get treatment any differently than anyone else - if it's crap, then that's the risk they will have to take. As long as the "editorial" department is separae from and has veto over the "advertising" department, things should be fine. Looks like you are heading in the right direction with this already.

Feel free to make a few bucks while helping people - that's not wrong, that's actually one the the best business s I know. :D


Humm an interesting way to...

...go Nick best of luck ;)

Let's hope it works out for both parties

BTW I don't mind ads infact I can't even see them, trust me still using Opera (unpaid version).

Great idea

What a refreshing approach - I've just received my report, thanks both CashKeywords/Roxanne and Nick! - I just need to build the special page generator and I'll be rich :)

The Keyword List

Is excellent. I'd paid money for a similar product a few months ago which had far fewer words and far less information. The R/S column is particularly useful. Now I just have to go build my 26,000 page everything portal to take full advantage of the list. LOL


Definitely an interesting concept. And we all like free stuff right. ;)

Crap! No burning at the stake

Crap! No burning at the stake? I was hoping for some fun.

good stuff...

I have always thought that giving stuff away is the best way to advertise. People can say if they don't like stuff and certain members here are known for being brutally honest, so that would probably help pre screen out lots of rubbish that might otherwise want to advertise.

Advertising is a big risk for the person who wants to advertise this way (more than just dollars...there rep is instantly publicly viewable), but if their stuff is good then they get faster feedback on how to make it better and lots of viral extension to their ad. If I like the report I know I would blog this.

Nice List.

No burning at the stake, there's some interesting stuff in there.

Thanks Nick, Roxanne.


Not looking so good

I would like to thank CashKeywords for providing this opportunity to test drive their product and for helping to support ThreadWatch. My free request for the mega report was handled in a timely manner and thoughtfully delivered in a zip file. I've done alot of keyword research and was suprised to see some keywords listed in towards the top. I looked at these numbers using Google, Overture, Wordtracker etc. and I can't figure out how CashKeywords came up with their research. It appears that some of the data they provided was overstated.

I still think it's interesting

I did a spot check on a handful of items, too, goodroi, and some of the numbers were off bid-wise by quite a bit (more than you'd allow for normal market fluctuation), especially on some of the items at the top of the list. So what's up with that?

I still think it's interesting stuff, trendwise.


Helluva lot more...

creative than the advertising and offers i've seen elsewhere. Free samples are greatly appreciated Roxanne / Nick.

Standup guy that Nick W... :-)

Free PPC Stats, SEO Friendly Affiliate Systems, Search Referral

CashWords offers a free list of keywords and prices. Problems with SEO friendly affiliate programs. Referral tracking issues. Tips for creating content.

[quote]give this a discreet m

give this a discreet mention wherever else you vist it wouldn't half be appreciated

Ping Ping. Nice one, Nick.

Nice Nice Nice

Nick, Can hardly wait for my report.
like to give jasond a special thanks for the heads up
on this offer.

Joseph Dietrick

Ya I'll bite on this one. Cre

Ya I'll bite on this one. Creative offer Nick.

Threadwatch Gives Away Cash

Erm....make that "Threadwatch gives away CashKeywords!". If you're a member of Threadwatch, you qualify for the giveaway. Nice one.

Love The Concept!

I even delurked for this :lol:

My impression

Looks good to me, if only as a priority list for a new adsense site (regardless of accuracy of actual $ figure). Nice one :O)

Useful tidbits

Useful - if as expected and naturally USA-centric - certainly helped bump one idea up the queue of projects...

Thanks Nick and Roxanne


Firstly, I've changed the title as many folks are using the sitesearch and not getting much :)

It's prefixed with Special - so members will easily know what to expect and can just skip it if they're not interested.

You can find the category for free stuff here and use the email alerts system on the left to get notified when/if other stuff is posted.

Also, grab the RSS Feed Here

Can we count this as a success?

Roxanne tells me she has recieved over 100 orders and that she counts it as a great success - there are still more coming in but of course the initial rush is over.

It seems everyone is happy, so i hope you guys enjoyed it and although i've not had folks beating down my door to give stuff away im hoping we'll have some more at some point in the future - unfortnately i just dont have time to go hunting and pitching so if you do know of anything that would work, or you would like me to contact then just pm me! - that goes for potential vendors aswell - if your stuff is genuinely GOOD then contact me via pm and i'll vet it for the TW boys and girls.

Please comment on the above points if you can add anything useful

cheers all...

Mini High Profit Report

I do not see the lin enabled to the Mini High Profit Report. This this available?

Not sure what you mean?½

Hi softstor, im not sure what you mean?

I'll ask roxanne to send you a private message, im sure she'll be able to help you. Just look at the left menu under the logo - where it says "view inbox".


The page at http://www.cashke

The page at http://www.cashkeywords.com/twmembers.htm has no hyperlink to select Mini-High profits report. All of the other reports have hyperlinks.

Mini High Profits Report


The mini-high profit reports page is not linked because we are offering these reports only for TW members and also all these reports only have 100 results per report. We will not be selling these reports on our site in the future.

The other two types of reports are MUCH bigger:
The Mega Report has 26,000 results, and the high profit reports vary between 500-2000+ results each.

Since the Mega and High Profit reports are for sale on Cash Keywords site, we already had pages on the site that show the bid breakdown for each of those reports. I linked to those pages because I felt the additional information would help TW members decide what report they wanted.

The details for the mini high-profit reports are listed below its title including number of results (100), and categories available.


Good stuff

Some nice information in the report I got. Free high quality information is great...nice job Nick and Roxanne.

certainly interesting

would be good to know when the popular reports are up Roxanne, also would be interested if you have a .co.uk version planned, I think divided by a common language applies quite heavily to some of that report

Last Call......

Thank you to Nick and all the TW members who took part in the Cash Keywords report giveaway! We have been happy to work with Nick and heard from so many people, and just the overall response and feedback has made it alot of fun and a definite success for us.

We don't have a final count yet, but we should be close to 200 reports given away total. That's about $29,000+ US worth of products to TW members. Thanks to Nick for a great idea, and as a TW member I look forward to the next special promo - hope it's good ;^)

I wanted to remind everyone that we will stop taking requests at Midnight, Eastern time US, that leaves about 32 more hours to get a free report. Nick will close the thread at the final hour tomorrow.

If you have more questions for Cash Keywords, you can reach me at

or PM me - my regular TW member ID is "seoproz"

Thanks again!


PS. Thanks to input from TW members, we are seriously looking at a UK version of our reports in the near future.

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