Adsense vs Kanoodle - Contextual Cat Fights

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The Kanoodle boys are in town and gunning for Google
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Tom Foremski of SilliconValleyWatcher has been talking to the exec team from Kanoodle and he's impressed. Quite frankly, so am I. I've never looked that closely at Kanoodle but from what i've gleaned from Toms post (and there's lots to glean..) there cotextual ad products do seem a cut above.

Kanoodle is a private company run by sharp and savvy Fifth Avenue media professionals with impressive pedigrees (Check out their exec bio page.) They say they understand what online publishers want, and they speak their language. “We know how they want to present ads and what types of controls they need. Also, we use humans, not servers, to establish a relationship with publishers and check out their sites to make sure we offer them the right types of ads,” said Mark Josephson, senior vp of marketing and business development.

Kanoodle are in direct competition with Adsense and hungry for the biz: Tom talks about the Kanoodle execs media background vs the fact that the top tier of Google does not contain a single high grade media type.

Will Kanoodle persuade publishers to “can” Google? It will, some, but Google isn’t standing still. How many publishers deflect from Adsense will depend, I guess, on how well Google’s engineers can build a giant media company.

My question to Threadwatchers is obvious: Do you use it and what do you think of it?


Kanoodle - strange traffic & zero conversions

I tried Kanoodle for a couple months early last year and was not impressed. My target audience is U.S. based yet most of the traffic I received from Kanoodle was Eastern European and Asian. Of course, I had no sales from the Kanoodle traffic.

My opinion was the whole operation was a scam. Maybe they're better now, but I won't be finding out any time soon.

Oh, yeah... Kanoodle must have sent me 100 emails telling me in bold letters that my account was empty and that I could be losing sales.

The Kanoodle boys are in town...

..and have been in town a long time. Here's a thread from Dec 2003 hoping for the promised land.

Whilst claiming an average 70 cents a click against 35 cents on Adsense, which on the surface you would think would have publishers stampeding to switch to Kanoodle, I have seen no sign of a massive (or come to think of it, even a minor) switch to Kanoodle.

Whilst it is just possible that publishers have switched to Kanoodle over the last year and doubled their income, I doubt that many could have kept it quiet.

Still if I could double my AdSense income, I'd be there with Kanoodle tomorrow.


What a shame, from the details they gave of the product in that thread it looks awesome.. thanks guys.

Im going to see if i can get someone from there to brave the TW boys and girls and come comment but dont hold yer breath heh..

Everybody's gunning for Google

Kanoodle is not alone is wanting to dethrone Adsense in the contextual marketplace. BrightAds from Kanoodle is a solid program, but so are those from Quigo, BidClix.

I think more publisher networks will start entering the marketplace soon and this will give advertisers additional opportunity for targeted traffic.

New to me...

I'd not heard of BidClix - thanks Georgias! Welcome to Threadwatch m8, do introduce yourself here

Another that i have heard small but pleasant rumblings about is AdBrite

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