Viral Marketing the Gmail Way

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Gmail's Organic Growth
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NTY's Alan Pogue has a short but interesting post about the Gmail strategy - Viral marketing is undoubtably a powerful thing, we see it more and more on the net these days from carefully planned campaigns like Gmail to simple word of mouth buzz ala So, is the power of a slow, ever exanding ripple of buzz worth pursuing?

But it's gradually becoming clear that Google has a different master plan. It's doling out a handful of free accounts to existing members, letting them each invite another handful. The result: a slow, controlled, viral spread of Gmail accounts.

It may be that Google has no intention of announcing a big "Open for business" moment. Remember, Google has its own way of doing things (witness its "public auction" of stock shares when the company went public). It wouldn't surprise me if this slow, measured seeping out of Gmail accounts is precisely how Google intends to take this service public.


Can't give them away.

There was a big buzz about Gmail when it launched but I've run out of 'friends' to 'invite' now - I can't even give them away!

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