Rumour - MSN is Out of BETA

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MSN Search Beta May Now Be On Main Site
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I've been following the thread SEW have on the forums but now Danny Sullivan adds a little weight to the beleif that folks are no longer just seeing flashes of the new BETA on the main results but the real deal has truly kicked in.

Threadwatch verdict?


Not for me

I'm still seeing different results on and They appear to be rolling out the new version only in some locations.

Hard to beleive

That MSN are planning on an official lauch Feb 1st.. this thing simply cannot be ready yet...

thanks qwerty..

I see beta

And I like what I see ;O)

Now gone regional

I'm seeing the new beta across the board now, even searching from which a couple hours ago was still using the old engine.

IMO results from the address are a lot more relevant than the .com. The algorithm seems a lot better tuned.

see the ugly new ones

Well at least this algo is not totally link based so it will be interesting to see how best to manipulate it. There are quite a few sites there that are not even getting a lookin at the mo. What are they using, meta tags or something useless like that?

What do you call MSNs pagerank?

MSNRank? It might be just because MSNBot (?) has not indexed all my sites and pages but I see results for my own sites where the off topic page doing the linking is ranking higher than the on topic, on-page optimised page it is linking to - is this because of their respective MSNRank?

UK seems to be the New MSN

From what I can see, the UK results for MSN seem to be MSN beta, they have been for most of the day now.

So THAT'S where all the AOLers went

I saw this post yesterday afternoon

So, I dusted off the old tracking script and checked the referrals. Man, my logs looks like the good ol' days at Snap! (And, I'll add that relevancy was top-notch for this particular site. Dead-on target.)

Google now second.

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