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SEW are reporting that Yahoo Search has had some subtle changes to the default page.

+ Three news headlines (and a direct link to Yahoo News)
+ A direct link to Yahoo Finance along with Dow Jones and NASDAQ Averages
+ Yahoo Mail users can login and have direct links to their inbox (along with the number of new messages). A direct link to compose mail is also visible.

I like it and think the clean uncluttered additions are sensible. All these small changes add up to a large change and this might be the change that makes me jump ship for my default searches.

Do you like it or prefer the old page?



IMO that's a winner :)

Like the news and finance links a LOT - nice....

If you didn't like the old on

If you didn't like the old one, blame Google - it was so much a carbon copy that it was verging on hero worship. The new one hasn't filtered down to yet, but I agree it a huge improvement. With the integrated Yahoo Mail it makes for a very nice minimalist home page which could well tempt people away from Google.

This is interesting too (unless I completely missed it and it's old news):

It looks good. Yahoo news is

It looks good. Yahoo news is particularly strong and it is good they are playing to that.

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