Matt Cutts vs V7N Contextual Network


Matt throws down the guantlet with V7N's new contextual link service. Starting with the usual passive aggressive statement...

Suffice it to say, if “undetectable to search engines” is listed as one of the major selling points of a particular link scheme, it probably violates our quality guidelines and the guidelines of other major search engines.

Matt goes on the offensive with a little story about how he busted some spam in 2002. Whats interesting to me though is how come Matt doesn't bring up how he busted some other comparative service, for instance Text Link Ads or a paid to post service . It me think that perhaps Googles spam teams only real defense against text link advertising is smear campaigns & threats in an attempt to scare customers away.


> how he busted some other comparative service

Text Link Ads position themselves much differently than V7N. mostly they're very transparent about their inventory - you can see the URL of any site in their inventory, which means google has seen every site in their inventory. they're not going out of their way talking about "enforced non-disclosure" between publishers and advertisers and "undetectable by search engines".

as for TLA not getting "busted", i suppose that depends on your definition of the term. from what i've experienced over the years, the sites in their inventory have been throttled pretty severely. they sure don't pass link juice they way they did back in the day.

I wish I could get away with

I wish I could get away with telling a story and make it stick by saying "SOME" company had XXXXX SEO send me a letter that sounds very much like it could have been totally made up by myself just to support another story I would like to use to alter perception. And for proof, here's a copy of the email with all the names and/or any way to verify any of the information I'm sharing as actually being factual.

I'm not saying it isn't factual. I'm just saying I wish I had that kind of public relations pull.

Kudos to our own Jason D for heroically overstating the absolute obvious on that blog. If it was undetectable spam, no one would be discussing it because it would not have been detected.

>clap clap clap<

Perhaps Matt could put the

Perhaps Matt could put the same dedication into the detection of click fraud.


They seem to be doing a great job of detecting them ranking for every state seo in google at #1

example : Nebraska SEO

Im sure its probably from all the authority links they got from they v7n members rule seo contest?

But hell maybe they should be there. Either way great FREE press for v7n again.

Funny line I read

Reading the conversation over at MC's site, the funny line I read was quoting V7N's page...

"Contextual Links @ V7N are undetectable to search engines. "

We all know what they're talking about, but it is funny to sell links that are supposed to help one's rank in the SE's, but then turn around and say the SE's can't even find it.

Wasn't there a big story a few years ago about those guys and their directory?

There were a few.. the

There were a few.. the Bluefind directory lost its toolbar PR, some dustups happened...

I figured that we could get

I figured that we could get some decent publicity out of that approach, but I would have thought that Matt would have seen it as just link bait. To Matt: Of course we will not sell contextual links. That would be spam. We were just playing.

If you're just playing John,

If you're just playing John, you'll want to add a clear disclaimer on that page. :)

In all seriousness, V7N does

In all seriousness, V7N does not buy or sell text links. We assist bloggers in buying and selling text links on their blogs for a fee.

As I stated on your blog, we review each order that comes through, and have already rejected and refunded several orders. Bloggers can also reject link placements.

Google’s standard of editorial review is met not once, but twice.

Why are you singling out V7N, Matt? I sincerely want to know. ReviewMe and PPP and TLA get to slide, while v7n gets targeted. Not nice.

You may have missed


You may have missed it but just two days ago, Matt mentioned SponsoredReviews alongside Pay Per Post and ReviewMe in a roundup post.

I didn't see that. Apologies

I didn't see that. Apologies to Matt.

All spam is detectable but

All spam is detectable but there will always be some innocent casualties.

$root# rm -rf /

works wonders at cleaning spam but is obviously overkill. Web spam, unlike email spam, isn't a specific act but the intent of an act. Because of that it is always possible to have undetectable (and detectable) spam in the SERPs as the implementation of finding and/or ignoring it (to get a balance of spam -v- quality results) is a fine balance for the algo engineers.

Is a dogging DVD in the SERPs for Buzz Lightyear toy spam? Probably not, as I doubt the intention for the dogging dvd site owner was to rank for a kids toy related search phrase, but it is definately something that is irrelevant to the search

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