AdBrite lands $4M in VC Funding

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AdBrite Raises $4 Millions From Sequoia
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Adbrite, the small ad marketplace startup from FuckedCompany founder Pud, or Philip Kaplan as he's known now he's stopped trashing dot-com start-ups and is buliding one heh.. have just secured $4M from Sequoia

Go Pud!


Congrats to Pud.

Congrats to Pud. (But i expect he's got about as much chance of working WITH someone as I do. Polish that personal exit strategy, Pud.)


I would have thought they were piling up dough faster than they knew how to use it. Or are the terms just to good to pass up these days?

Good lookin' system...

I was actually lookin' them over today...I wasn't OVERLY impressed with the inventory as of yet, but great potential with a nice looking, easy to use, and powerful system.

They only scary part is that if you are putting your site up mainly to pass link pop you are pretty much openly exposed to the whims of G, Y (and we must now at M now that they are in cahoots).

Will the SE's see this as SELLING advertising or pick off those that are selling PR, WR, and SR ($oftrank?).

Think it will probably be a nice ad brokerage marketplace regardless, but it sure would hurt if the SE's decide to start takin' pot shots at the text link ad distributors.

I think Battelle switched to

I think Battelle switched to them a few months back and gave it decent reviews.

I think John complained that

I think John complained that many of the ads were not overly relevant to his audience...the same as AdSense ads on many tech blogs like that.

I do not think those particular ads usually parse link popularity since I think the system is ran through java or something like that.

I do like the idea of targeting a few specific sites though.


>The only scary part is that if you are putting your site up mainly to pass link pop ...

The ads are similar to adsense ads in that they are generated via for now at least, pretty safe on the link front.

If they were straight href html based ads, I wouldn't use them.

What I liked about this thing is the quick way you can choose from the inventory and advertise with people who are highly relevant to what you do, and therefore, perhaps more likely to convert.

If you have a site that generates lots of impressions, think bulletin board etc, then in terms of how they 'rank' things your site will appear at the top of their hit parade. To me this isnt necessarily such a good thing as there is little extra info with regard to how these things are arrived at.We all know how easy it is to generate page impressions!

So, a little more info for buyers would be a good thing. That said, there is nothing to stop someone contacting an advertising site owner, and doing a private deal that cuts adbrite out of the loop of course.

As an ad buyer, I like the fact that I can opt for a networked deal or an invidual thing. As an ad seller, I like the fact that I approve/deny an advertiser. I also like the fact that I can edit their adverts too.

To be blunt I have't had any great successes with this thing to write home about,I haven't exactly spent bundles, Ive made a few quid, but nothing to get on the rooftops in me pants and shout about.... its still early days and time will tell.

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