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The 70/30 Rule of Search
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Gord Hotchkiss at MediaPost, threadlinked above has an interesting little article out. It's not interesting to SEO's with what it actually says, in fact, he's just pointing out the patently obvious - it's interesting nonetheless though...

Go read it, it's only a tiddler..

So what was the point of that?

So, if you read it you'll see that it's a well written bit of waffle for the media types that read mediapost. What interested me is that im starting to see more and more of this lately - the whole promotion of "organic" over paid...

Am i talking shite or is that as significant as i think..?


Haven't read the article yet

Haven't read the article yet - will do in the morning.

But I definitely have seen a growth in interest in "organic" in the past 6-12 months. Traditional marketing people seem to have been drawn into search through PPC, got their returns and are now looking for more coverage in the SERPs.

Speaking of horseshit...

"You can wrap a cow pie in cellophane and somebody will buy it." --R S Jordan

I'm agreeing with ukgimp here, these guys are doing a nice wrapping job.

"Recently, JupiterMedia released findings of an extensive survey with search marketers. In it, they found that only about 25 percent (close enough to 30 for me) of the respondents actively used landing pages and other on-site tactics to increase conversion rates."

I have found there is a lot of ingnorance about all of it

Corporate marketeers are starting to come round to the idea that it is not enough to just throw a new site or rebrand up that it might also be a good idea to get traffic but that is as far as it goes. As yet they still need a lot of educating but the scary part is how many *web designers* don't get it. Thing that made me laugh the other week was a so-called media buying agency that recommended a client not advertise on google adwords because "everyone uses yahoo" (!)

"everyone uses yahoo"

Or is it that they only get a kick-back form Overture?

I reckon

You might be right there Adam ;O)

The 70/30 Rule of Search

Organic is healthy, as is all stuff grown in the end product of a bovine beast. 'Twould appear that organic is the way to go. According to latest figures only about 18% of the common herd can differentiate between paid and unpaid search results anyway.

From analysing log files I've discovered that B&B Web (NZ)sites are attracting far more traffic from specialist portals (organic?) than they are from search engines. The searchers may find the portals through the search engines but certainly not the individual sites. The search engines are used largely by searchers who know the name of the B&B, rarely do they use the district or locality name. Which says to me that Web searchers looking for accommodation are a lot more Web savvy than given credit for.

And that I should buy shares in B&B portals.

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