Copeac Intermark Media Affilaite Calls WebMasterWorld Bitches And More


In a case of WTF ARE THEY THINKING Copeac the affiliate company owned by Intermark Media put out This T-Shirt for the Affiliate Summit West at there Booth. While I thought it was pretty stupid for this "upcoming" affiliate company to do this I gotta say it made me laugh.

hat tip


Shirtbait. Nice!

Shirtbait. Nice!

Controversy for

Controversy for controversy's sake. YAWN.

hahahaha I love it

hahahaha I love it

BWHAHAHAHA! First funny


First funny thing of my day - thanks!


Whoever Copeac is, they appear to be slightly homophobic.

Not homophobic, merely sophomoric

Gay comments are just boys being boys. I'm sure it's nothing actually, seriously homophobic.

Slamming Webmasterworld isn't bad :)

I try to avoid that forum at all costs.. the signal to noise ratio is horrific to say the least.

There are some talented people there.. but it's filled with 'pagerank updates' and calling Google changes after hurricanes is not exactly what I would consider informative.


That label has been used so often that it doesn't have much meaning any longer. Same thing with 'hero'... Anyhow, I have never heard of Copeac and I have to say my first impression is pretty sad.

Is that Jons ( the owner of

Is that Jons ( the owner of wicked fire ) company ?

Not owned by...

Not owned by Jon but they do a lot of work together.

When you are a small company like Copeac, there is no such thing as bad publicity. I guarantee you the shoemoney post just put them on the map and they will grow by leaps and bounds over this.

They will get name

They will get name recognition for sure. People love there forums though and I am not sure ripping on there virtual home is the best way to get affilaites.

that's one way to get attention.

"Those guys who put out that T-shirt"
"Oh, right."

Jon gave me one

Jon gave me one of the shirts while I was at the summit. I just laugh and move on. It seems like it's the nature of the business this past year or so. More linkbait, more name calling, more schemes and shout outs. And the front of the shirt is about giving herpes away so I don't know if too many will wear it. I like promotional shirts for painting the house, washing the car, etc.

I'd think that the maturity

I'd think that the maturity level reflected in the marketing stunt would cause more harm than good. It might be cool to younger kids, but too folks my age it is just offensive.

This stuff would be

This stuff would be interesting except for the fact that it's been done in the adult/casino webmaster industry for years. Wildfire is essentially a clone of adult webmaster board GFY which is all about controversy, drama, and an entertaining anything goes attitude that brings in the page views.

What they are doing isn't anything different than what other boards have done in the past, except they've gone a little farther. Each board aims to gain board loyalty and starting a "board war" is always a quick way of doing it. Their tactics will probably garner a much younger audience than the boards they attack, but it will attract an audience.

Copeac is also copying a marketing strategy that has worked in adult for years too. Tie yourself to one board that has big board loyalty and you'll own those members forever. You won't have the crossover power, but for a small upcoming company, it's a great way to build up a base and get known.

Wow. Wow. Wow...

>>"I'm Ashton Kutcher. I'M AWESOME!"

YO Call Me Kouch

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