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New Directory: RubberStamped - ODP Abuse In Reverse
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There's a violent spat in IHU, following peter_d's boast that he got listed in ODP in just EIGHT DAYS - and, he claims, he was helped by none other than Rich Skrenta, founder and one-time owner of ODP (now owned by AOL-Time-Warner).

Peter has been a long-time critic of ODP, here, in his blog, at IHU, and other forums.

Now, having benefited from the Old Pal's Act, he's their greatest fan. What were abusive editors are now Good Ole Boys; "The point of DMOZ is that the editors individual opinion and judgement counts. There's humanity in that process, and humanity gives DMOZ it's character."

If you did not laugh, you would weep ...


Now we'll see....

Personally i think it's far funnier to watch doug get all foamy at the mouth about dmoz but then that's just me eh? heh...

He said he hadn't banned me at IHU - funny how Nick W cannot post but my nice new handle can eh?

Wait till THAT hits the fan.. hey doug! Im Cl0aKeD hah...

Seo2Seo, there's something bi

Seo2Seo, there's something bigger at work here. As I said in the thread, if all you look at is the frame, you never see the bigger picture ;)

Now, having benefited from the Old Pal's Act, he's their greatest fan

No I'm not. When they do some things right, they should be applauded. That doesn't mean there aren't problems. The web community has been aware of DMOZ's problems for a long time. I'm certainly not the first to say so, and won't be the last.

Rich contacted me. I'm more interested in what Rich is doing now with Topix, than his past with DMOZ. They'll be an interview published shortly.

Topix seems to be the topic

It looks like he pushed the submission through as a trade for some publicity for Topix. That's just a guess of course, and that alone is fine.

But it also looks like the editors at ODP are not happy about seeing RubberStamped get listed.



You IHY people have to be *very* careful about stating things as fact when you have no knowledge wether they are true or not.

Fact: There was no trade of publicity for submission consideration.

If you have evidence to the contrary, present it. Or retract.

do I have to quote myself?

"It looks like..." "That's just a guess of course..."

C'mon Peter, I'm not attacking you. I don't know what your real intentions are, but if the ODP's policy is not to list directories that don't have a lot of listings, that's their policy.

Doesn't seem to be in DMOZ this morning

Out of interest I checked the DMOZ category this morning that both Resource Zone and Rubberstamp link to as indicating where the site is listed in DMOZ, and..

..Rubberstamp does not appear there. As I assume the good Rich cannot put a lock on sites he adds personally, therefore I assume any qualified editor with sufficient indignation can, and has removed it...

..wonder if he, or an admirer, will put it back.

other newish directories...

have also been added to DMOZ recently.

Others have also been added to DMOZ recently.

Are you suggesting that Rich has been particularly busy on the editing front, and that we will be seeing a lot of "interviews" with him.?

Sort of ironic if they booted him out of DMOZ for editor abuse, and he could no longer log on!

>Are you suggesting that Rich

>Are you suggesting that Rich has been particularly busy on the editing front

no, just that other directories that started from around the same time frame were also listed in DMOZ rather quickly.

good idea though, ... goes off to ask Rich for an interview :)

>Rubberstamp does not appear there.

it appeared there when I just recently checked.

Nick Note

Guys, i ummmed and ahhhed about letting this thread run, i almost changed the title to something more peter friendly/doug unfriendly but in the end TW is a place for professionals of all types to hang out and talk.

I'd appreciate it if you would quit coming quite so close to slander and keep the conversation just a little more grown up than the silliness going on over at IHY now.

Now, bearing in mind i was up till 4.30am and have only just woken up you'll forgive me if i go have a coffee and a roll up b4 i respond to this thread properly eh? :-)

Thanks guys, you know how it works over here, please keep it on the usual pro level - cheers.

We do joke around a bunch tho

We do joke around a bunch though Nick...that is a large part of what makes the site great IMHO.

In my most recent post I was just playing around with the mention of Rich... with all the partnerships he has been making with sites like CitySearch & Ask Jeeves I seriously doubt he would undermine his own credibility for a mention on a site like mine.

My other directories reference was to state that its not uncommon for some new sites to get listed quickly and had nothing to do with Rich.

Slight Contradiction Noted:

I almost changed the title to something more peter friendly/doug unfriendly
TW is a place for professionals

PKB, if I am not very much mistaken? ;)

And on that note....

Let's lock this one down...

Man, i gotta learn to trust my first instincts more, but at stupid oclock in the morning im prone to lapses in judgement :)

Thanks everyone.

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