YouTube to Share Revenue With Users


Looks Like YouTube is out to do a revenue share with publishers.

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this should be

this should be interesting.
Can’t wait for posts from people who upload a top video that receives 100,000 views only to see their account earn $0.04 in commission.

Or maybe Google is getting really smart and they'll start running ads for [url=] cups/boxes [/url]
under videos of guys getting kicked in the nuts.

Or ...

What happens when someone uploads a copyrighted video, and now someone who is not the copyright holder is making money from it? Yikes.

cant seem to find the link

cant seem to find the link but i recall reading that they have a digital identification system that will be rolled out to prevent people profiting by uploading copyrighted videos.


That's good news, kidmercury. Takes care of my concern, as soon as it's rolled out.

oh no

video linkbait


>video linkbait

Did you mean Vinkbait?


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