Do It F'ing Now


"We’re talking about developing your online properties. We’re talking about creating new campaigns to drive links and revenue. When we say “Do it Fucking Now”, we’re talking about those tasks that you keep putting off which, when completed, will start putting more money in the bank.

Do it Fucking Now."

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Best & most inspirational post I've read in quite some time. SEO Blackhat...Amen!!!


Ah, yeah - love the page in the middle...

And the article is spot on - just do it, etc., etc.

I'm pulling some triggers this evening - nothing ever got done by waiting around for it to happen, etc., etc.

Basic message is trite, valuable and usually timely as we all ignore stuff.

To put a hick spin on it, just git 'er dun...

Simple really

I was going to procrastinate, but I think I'll put it off till later.

Dude? wtf is up with that

Dude? wtf is up with that link? that's completely lame. Especially since the only thing that makes in NSFW is a word you quote.

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