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Google wants UK sites to be hosted in the UK not DE
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An interesting slant of (using a Seth Godin term) initiating a purple cow from a David against a Goliath.

1&1 Internet are one of the larger European hosting companies. Their prices are extremely competitive, overall the service is superb and they advertise extremely agressively. Because of this they have seen tremendous growth, especially for quite a late entrant to the hosting business.

The small David in this battle is POBox Hosting. A UK company that is playing on fears businesses didn't have before they saw POBox's press release. Essentially it implies that if you host your web site with 1&1 you won't be visible on

What it omits to say is that (I believe) the majority of 1&1 customers use the uk tld for their sites so should still be accesable from

A damn fine way to use some half truths to add some FUD in business. I say hats off to POBox for coming up with the ploy :)



1&1 have a poor reputation in the webhosting industry, as a group that cannot offer a decent level of cutomser support.

1&1 are the first hosting company I ever had to ring for support, because they couldn't even manage to reply to emergency e-mails within their 48 hour response target.

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