Google Video & YouTube Search Results Combined


The search function on Google video is now listing results from YouTube alongside the usual Google Video results.

For example a search for "cars" returns results with YouTube results underneath and when clicked on you are redirected through to the YouTube site.


Oi! I submitted this 3 or 4

Oi! I submitted this 3 or 4 days ago!

... favouritism I tells ya!

Yeah, this search-dump has buried a lot of vids methinks, including my own unbelievable performance which previously ranked #2... but now, all of a sudden, page 2!

Which is kind'a interesting.


first impression and some

first impression and some quick stats
you tubes all over the place (5:1 !)
own vids, total # of views remain the same
own vids (google vs tubes) daily # of views are upside down
looking forward for duplicate content punishment (google vs tubes)
own #1 g-video replaced by 10 youtubes (daily hits down 30%)
16:9 vids doing well
google pick = google video only (whats in a name) (!)
top 100 (updated daily) = gogle video only (!)
movers & shakers (updated daily) = gogle video only (!)

YouTube/Google results not filtered - close your eyes.

I just posted, with a screen shot, some pretty racy results on Google for a search as tame as shoes. Google for a search as tame as shoes

This just can't be what Google was thinking when they included YouTube into the it goes away soon. I certainly wouldn't want 14-year old girl (if I had one) to see that kind of result.

GVideoSearch API

I meant to come back to this - I use Google's API for video on one of my sites. None of YouTube's video's indexed on Google Video is returned through that service.

I don't know if that's a contractual obligation or what, but it sucks majorly for a company that holds the "user-experience" as mantra.

The net effect of this move has been to
A: Bury the content of a large number of its founding contributors.
B: By not including YouTube vids through its API, users find it difficult to find a vid they saw on a 3rd-party site (using its API), when searching through Google's own frontend (using the same search query).
C: As a site-owner using the API, I've reason to believe that some of the search queries are now returning fewer results than before... and I would also add - albeit reservedly - that some queries no longer return any results at all! I'm fairly certain of this, but I haven't been so anal as to keep records.

The conclusion one is left to ponder is that, as a vid contributor, I'm probably better off submitting vids to YouTube for it to index more favourably in Google.

As a site-owner using its API, I'd probably be providing a better service if I was to use YouTube's API instead.

Nearly two weeks on, and not a word from G on this, nor what its future intentions are.


RE: Shoes - I thought the

RE: Shoes - I thought the link to your blog was inappropriate (but you did what ya had to do, I understand ;))

The vid is still indexed, but the snippet is different.


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