BBC's Web-Based On-Demand TV Service Gets the Green Light


Want to catch up with your favorite programmes of the week and store them on your computer to watch when you want? Well the BBC's iPlayer will let you do just that and now seems to be a not too distant reality.

The BBC Trust has given the green light for a web-based on-demand TV service in a move which could revolutionise the way people watch television.

The Trust, which oversees the BBC, provisionally approved the service after making some changes to meet concerns from the media regulator Ofcom that it would impact commercial rivals.

Also interesting:

...some programmes will also be offered live via simulcast on the Internet.

Reuter's Article via Yahoo News


Channel 4 started doing

Channel 4 started doing something similar a few months back as well - guess they are finally catching up with the media potential of the web. The channel 4 stuff is around 99p per show iirc which isn't too bad considering they've got some decent shows.

Telewest (UK Cable company) already offer shows that you can view via TV - most are free but you can pick up episodes of random shows as well. It's a pretty good idea - personally I like it being self employed as I tend to work odd hours. :)

About time..

You can already watch BBC programmes, but streaming, which is a pain - will be loads better when you can just download the file and watch it normally

is it iMP?

A few years ago I used a program called "iMP" by the BBC - a p2p DRM protected application that allowed you to download and watch the latest BBC TV programs for up to a week after their airing.

I contacted the BBC about this about a month back and was told that they were still hoping to launch it in the future - it was a good application and ahead of it's time - a shame that they have taken so long to launch something like this.

On other matters, it annoys me that C4 charge for their downloads, especially since in the US shows like Heroes, Prisonbreak, etc can be watched for free on network sites like NBC.

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