Stop Talking to Phone Machines


Sick of waiting on phone support from large corporations? Bringo navigates phone trees to get you through to human support.



I would more likely use that if it did not ask for my phone number or have adsense on it.

Adsense on business sites

I don't understand the logic of having Adsense on e-commerce or other business sites. If you feel you have traffic that won't convert for your site, but that visitors may click an ad - don't you think you should work on your site a bit more?

I agree.

Adsense on business (commercial) websites just seems to declare that the company isn't really successful. If it were, why would the company use its site real estate to advertise a smorgasbord of competitors?

Call tree spam

I can hear all the big comanies in America rushing out to invest in Bringo, while instructing their call centers to add yet more layers to the trees. Oh wait, is that even possible to add more layers? Maybe not. Nevermind.

Hmm. That color scheme

Hmm. That color scheme looks familiar, Aaron.

Interesting use of what,

Interesting use of what, Ingenio?

Funny part is, companies put layers of automata in place to "save money", and then pay intermediaries (pay per call affiliates) to bring them the very same customers they were pushing back behind the layers of menus.

In how many ways is that stupid? Yeah. Too stupid to admit by buying the customers back from the pay per call affiliates. Maybe that's why it's covered with AdSense.

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