Digg Removing Top Diggers List


Kevin Rose just announced via the digg blog that the top diggers list is to be removed. This is going to anger a lot of digg users but will help save digg from accusations by the media for taking money for diggs. The latest scandal being from Payola.

From the post:

So what does this all mean? After considerable internal debate and discussion with many of those who make up the Top Digger list, we’ve decided to remove the list beginning tomorrow.

Thank You


Kind of a weird move.

Kind of a weird move. They're going to remove a fairly meaningless list but try to incorporate more community features that may make it easier to exploit the friending features.

At the end of the day, nothing really changes and the smart, competitive guys will adapt. The commenters will still hate on everything. And it might take a few more hours for Madison Avenue agencies to scroll through submitters to find the Power Accounts to entice with their payola.

As long as they have a set of human eyes at Digg watching everything going to the frontpage, that's about all the defense they need to play. Let the algorithm do the heavy work and let human editors clean up the final product. You know...like Google does!

brilliant defense against the dumb

to scoreboard's point, in the absence of a convenient ordered list, how hard is it to hang out for a while and figure out who the players are?

anyone who only creates crap content will be happy to spend the time lurking for bribe-able diggers. opportunity cost works out in their favor.

Yep - now a 301 to the blog

I just wrote up something about it now being permanently redirected to the Digg blog. It was up pretty much all morning but now if you try to do visit one of the topuser pages it redirects you to the Digg blog via 301.

Also - this guy already wrote a quick program and the list is back.

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