Mobile giants plot secret rival to Google


Europe's biggest telecoms groups are aiming to create a mobile phone search engine that could challenge Yahoo! and Google, the US giants.

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It sounds like these idiots ... Though the phone companies are alittle more savvy when it comes to online.. because for the most part they are overgrown ISP's ..


This will be an exciting opportunity

The 100 or so people that use there phone to surf the web have an exciting time ahead of them.

The 100 people or so :)

I am sorry... you can't post stuff like that when I am drinking coffee :)

wiping monitor


Mobile will be a major force

Mobile will be a major force in near future (watch teenagers) it really is a "build it and they will come" deal.

Of course most reading here will be forever strapped to PCs, laptops.

Where did that that "last mile" go?... went mobile while no one was watching.

> it went mobile while no one was watching

true. but, just like landline phone companies, with wireless providers their real asset is the infrastructure that allows them to provide service, not necessarily in creating newer / better services. phone companies buy the vast majority of their add-on services such as voicemail, voice recognition, etc from vendors, rather than building it in-house.

i can't imagine how huge, lumbering giants with crippling bureaucracy can really hope to foster the kind of culture and attract the kind of talent they'd need to in order to create a viable competitive search product.

I will be too busy

Of course most reading here will be forever strapped to PCs, laptops

Check out the mobile reports from the EU, had better phones for years (not US bashing) and now were all equal, build it and they will come was the theory, were not talking about bar flys saying "in my day" aside from add ons like ringtones, there is no uptake for nearly all other services, as price is low, what are all the teenagers doing now? My guess is not giving a shit and spending a lot on airtime and noveltys. Camera phones were a novelty for a week, how brilliant we can take a shitty picture the size of a match box

Were not talking Myspace revolution here where its going to boom, this line has been said for years in this market, mobile booming yes, but in different niches, its still ringtones and texting thats making companies money, the handsets arent right yet, until most phones are at least the size or have the ability to fold out to a b,berry or double, its all just hype and talk, I want my phone to send and receive calls and do text messages, my 12 yr old cousin has the latest phone and he wants the same but the latest ringtone

watch teenagers

My wife gives out

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