13 Things to do with your Mac Mini

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Mac Mini -- More Than Meets the Eye
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Technology review have a nice list of uses for the oh so cute Mac Mini. I'll bulletpoint the list here but check the article for a description on each point:

  1. As a Portable Depot for Digital Pictures
  2. As a Portable Depot for Digital Pictures
  3. As s Regional X10 Server
  4. As a Christmas Lights Sequencer (give me strength..)
  5. As Part of a Home Theater System
  6. As a Car Enhancer
  7. As a Hardware Firewall for Laptops
  8. As a Physical Security System
  9. As a Server and/or Gateway
  10. As a Component of a Low-Cost Parallel Processing Array
  11. As a SCADA system
  12. As a Beowulf Cluster
  13. As an iPod Feeding Station

I was thinking of using mine simply as a seperate net media center...


I noticed this...

People are jumping on the Mac Mini bandwagon pretty quickly huh...

I love the idea though...

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