RegisterFly Loses Reseller Status from Enom


I'm not sure if anyone is still using RegisterFly these days, but they've finally been given the heave ho from Enom for all the complaints.

RegisterFly Reseller Termination FAQ

Good luck to anyone trying to get domains out of there, you'll need it.



Yep they've been in a slow decline for quite some time. At one point they charged me for $200- $300 worth of renewals and didn't renew the names. I paid again, and if my book keeper didn't throw up a flag and request a full audit of the account I doubt they would have refunded the money on their own.

I worked for an ICANN registar a few years back when they signed

I worked for a company a few years back.. ok.. maybe more than a few :)

The guy called me from Registerfly.. and signed a contract with me... we spent about a full day or so setting up his API (this was a few years ago.. so the process was much slower than what I assume they have now)..

After we were done setting up his API.. we called him and wanted to give him all the info and talk to him about some issues on his end to have it setup.

He goes.. oh sorry.. just throw out my 2 year contract with you guys.. I found it somewhere else for about 10 cents cheaper per domain name.

I was floored... he never paid the early termination fee.. he never paid anything... never even setup it on his end.. he just went from one registar to another pissing off everyone..

I don't give a crap.. it's not like I owned that company.. I was just miffed that this jerk made me look like an ass... I had a signed contract from him in one hand.. and on the other was this same no talent ass clown telling me to rip it up.

I have one domain with them

I have one domain with them that I never remember to move.
But had real trouble renewing it as even though I paid they forgot to renew it.
I can't help but feel that enom kicked them now that registerfly is a icann accredited registrar.
I just woke up this morning to see a email form enom about my registerfly domain then a follow up from registerfly.
This is going to get ugly as both side feel they own me.
One who I paid and the other who actually registered the domains with.
Both have my domain name and email details.
One needs to charge to keep me and the other has to charge and initialte a domain transfer.
My money is on enom comming out on top.

aren't they ICANN accredited?

Its told at their about page that RegisterFly is an accredited ICANN registrar. Their brand is also listing at the accredited registrars list of ICANN. So, is this an old issue? When did enom publish this FAQ?

Yes, Registerfly became

Yes, Registerfly became independent from Enom last February.

However, I had such awful problems renewing anything on Registerfly's new system I had to migrate them all out to Moniker.

They'll take your cash but fail to renew, and I lost a couple of small domains this way.

Bottom line is that the Enom announcement doesn't really have any impact, but Registerfly is a crippled mess regardless.

No comment.

I'm having some "issues" at this very moment.... Grrrr.

I know, I know: I shoulda known better.

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