Party Confirmed For 15th


After the success of last year's event, the London SEO community has announced another even bigger party to coincide with this year's SES London conference.

The event will take place on the last day of the conference (Thursday 15th Feb) and is open to everyone from the search marketing community.


woot - free beer

just to say thanks I'm going to play an hour of online poker now ;)

Can't wait

Last year's party was a blast and yes I am biased, but this one should be even better! See you there.

Last year's SES LondonSEO

Last year's SES LondonSEO party really was fantastic.

SES's attendance for this year has supposedly doubled, so this, the main party should be even bigger too.

Any SEO in the London area surely can't say no to free beer.

Also cool that Matt Cutts said he's coming over this year.

Prepare for the Americans

The Str0uds are not known for turning down free anything so we will be there!

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