How to: Convert Diggers


With all the buzz on the uselessness (or not) of a Digging, Chris Garrett has a timely article about how to actually convert transient Digg traffic into something useful.

* Keep the visitor involved and on-site - if you can convince your visitor the Dugg article is not a one-off you increase your chances of keeping them around, show your best stuff, related content, anything to convince readers of value

* Put your RSS and Email subscriptions right where they can be seen, in your side bar, under the post, IN the post

* Call to action not just “subscribe” - give a reason why they should sign up, a damn good one

Read the whole article. Chris also has a new free ebook about flagship content that's worth a download.


Thanks for the link Andy, do

Thanks for the link Andy, do let me know what you think of the ebook and new blog guys!

How to: Convert Diggers

thats easy crack open their heads and put a brain in .. or just wait till they reach puberty.



Yes, it's about finding the right audience for your site. I guess that getting thousands through is one way to start the sifting process that winnows down to the ones that will get rusted on.

I have reservations about how much overlap there is between the Digg (or Threadwatch) audience and the audience for my blog. My blog is an activist blog that discusses development economics, world aid, end of poverty and a particular project in Africa.

Starting and maintaining the blog is a fun learning experience, so there is a learning-journey that can be shared. But the blog itself is not about the learning experience - I try to stay on-song.

I get the impression that Digg/Threadwatch attract mostly tech-focused people. So, while some might be interested in what I have just learnt about Chipin (I'm thinking of submitting an item) why would they check out the blog? And if I submitted an item here about economic development, who would care? It would be like it was in the Tech section of the newspaper instead of the New Review section.


Gillian, dont be so quick

to sell everyone short. Tech may be the focus, but that doesnt necessarily define the audience when you are talking about issues of real value like your Africa project.

Why would they care about your blog? Depends on how you sell it. That's the trick to Digg for many - and its not always about how many eyeballs, but who's eyeballs. You never know who is in the audience.

Sorry, I don't meant to

Sorry, I don't meant to sound like I'm selling short -- I figure that most people have more than one interest and that even tech-focused types can care about big issues.

Nevertheless, with only limited time, it's best to think about where to put the effort. My reservation about Digg is that it works on simple votes. My issue is not a popular one, and not a vote-winner, so it will mostly get buried in the volume.

I'm interested in the challenge, though, and am prepared to have a few goes at Digg. If it doesn't produce more than a handful of views, I'll spend my time on other things. It's fun figuring out the system and then trying to work it. Gaming in the best way!

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