Danny gets thumbs-down at Digg



Oh, sorry Danny. That's a tough crowd. What was the quote I once used under my nick at SEW?...
"There's no justice like angry mob justice!"


Just do a search & replace...

hey Danny, Just do a search for SEO and replace with Digg & resubmit the same article.....

"Why The Digg Folks Were Mad At You, Jason
Jason Calacanis is riled up about Digg today, telling the world that "90% of the Digg market is made up of snake oil salesman" and still confused over why the "Digg folks" were mad at him when he said "DIGG is bull" during our keynote conversation at SES Chicago last December.

I love Jason. I really do -- he says what he thinks, with passion and clearly deeply cares about things. And I've enjoyed some of the arguments we've had via instant messaging on this topic recently. But Jason -- and a lot of other people -- need some more education about the myths and misperceptions of Digg. So let this open letter do both....."

bet then you'll get lots of thumb ups from the circus....

Read the comments at digg

What a bunch of assholes.


Why would you argue with diggers, digglets, or whatever they are called? Isn't the average age on there about 15?


I recently found out that humor goes a long way after getting hammered by Digg, Lifehacker, Wordpress.com, Delicious and Gizmodo, all in the same day. Just a little bit of humor seemed to take the edge off the comments at Digg when they started getting a bit sharp. All in all, the comments were favorable.

I'm certainly not a Digg expert, but digging in your heels and repeating the same question over and over (did you read the article) isn't likely to get you far at Digg, or anywhere else.

Digg users in not RTFA and

Digg users in not RTFA and ignorant flaming shocker!

I was thinking the same

I was thinking the same thing as johnweb. Certainly he can find better things to do with his time than get into a flame war with the Digg kids.

Must of been a slow news day

Must of been a slow news day

Eff Digg Anyways

The actions of the Digg insiders remind me of the days in Cambodia just after the Pol Pot regime took over. They killed the teachers, lawyers, doctors and anyone with a degree. Then the twerps had the country for themselves. They wiped out authority!
I don't know why this comes to mind every time I visit the site.

omfg lol.. You just compared

omfg lol.. You just compared Digg to the murder of millions thats brilliant.

You should try and un-escalate

"An angry mob is an angry mob."

(ie. STFU for a little while...)

Danny vs. Jason to Fight UFC Style

I know how we can end all of this in a fun and entertaining way.

Danny vs. Jason in a three round UFC style fight with Rocky Bopper gloves (those big blow-up gloves you had as a kid).

My money would be on Danny.

p.s. Another cool fight via the aforementioned fashion would be Aaron and D.P.

My money would be on Aaron.

Red Barron vs Snoopy

The fight is closer to the Red Barron vs Snoopy

Let the masses all think SEO

Let the masses all think SEO is crap. Kills the competition.

Remember Death Match?

I have a good linkbait idea for one of you out there in TW land.

Remember the claymation series on MTV called DeathMatch, where clay figures of celebrities fought each other to the death with a Mills Lane claymation as the referee?

Since the likelihood of getting the aforementioned into the Octagon is unlikely, perhaps one of you creative souls could create a cool claymation or a cool flash movie of these guys brawling?

THAT would be be both fun and entertaining.

Someone should make a flash

Someone should make a flash video of the average Digg user in action. If I knew flash I would.

Seconded Brian

Let the masses all think SEO is crap. Kills the competition.

There is no SEO profession, in fact SEO doesn't exist and we can go back to the old days.


Ohh fuck I hate maudlin sentimentalist crap too!

Seconded Brian

Let the masses all think SEO is crap. Kills the competition.

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