New Adsense Beta Feature - Choose your own ads!

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I don't like these ads show me otgers
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Google it seems are rolling out a brand new beta feature for adsense. It allows website visitors to change what type of ads are shown.

If you click on the threadlink above and look at the left hand side (where adsense is) (you may have to refresh a times) you can insert you own keywords and phrases for the ads to be based on or select from a pre-defined list titled 'Change to Ads About:'

No official word from Google on this.


very very interesting. How

very very interesting.

How long before G open up an Adsense feed for this type of functionality, or how long before someone reverse engineers it?

This beta has been around for a while

It isn't actually new, rad links launched last October, but no sign of it going out of beta yet. has some screen shots of how it works.

This sucks

This is so poorly thought out.
It is stuck at the bottom... has little to separate from the ads and thus the majority will overlook it...
then it does so little and when you type in something that has no ads or is not allowed you end up with a default banner...
It needs a better design and follow through.

As a publisher I wish it said

As a publisher I wish it said change "links" not "ads"; but that's just me trying to trick visitors...

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