YouTube 'a tool for terrorists'


Until recently, videos shot by terrorist groups were posted predominantly on specialist Internet forums, which often only those knowing what to look for could find. But more are turning to mainstream sites like YouTube, which draw millions of visitors around the world each day.

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So what's the solution, have every video human reviewed before it goes online? There is no solution for this in my opinion.


Vague term

Define ‘terrorists.’

Anonymous Scardy Cat thinks

Anonymous Scardy Cat thinks its IncrediBill that's the Terrorist! Some people just need to drink less coffee, or have go out and have a drink once and a while.

Dave Pasternack

pretty ridiculous

youtube is just a communication / distribution mechanism.

by "youtube is a tool for terrorists" logic you could claim that message boards are a tool for terrorists, blogging - hell, let's shut down the entire internet. in the offline world, cell phones are a tool for terrorists, radio, television, etc....

reduction to absurdity is right around the corner.

So ridiculous I joined up just to vent

I couldn't help myself with this.

How many people die each year from gun shots in the USA? Why is it that the same logic isn't applied to guns?

Actually, why don't we just unplug the Internet. Last man out please turn off the lights.

This is sort of like

This is sort of like complaining about the printing press - or radio, both of which can be used to diseminate information that somebody, somewhere won't like.

With that said, YouTube's new master's Google has been preaching to us webmasters that we are responsible for what appears on our websites for a long time. I suggest that they be held to the same standard and exercise some editorial control over their own websites, since they are responsible for what is hosted and published on their web properties. It might cost them some money, but they can think of it as enhancing the user experience and also part of being a responsible publisher on the web.


Until recently, videos shot by terrorist groups were posted predominantly on specialist Internet forums

Prior to that they were placed on VHS video tapes, and some of the poorer terrorists who couldnt afford VHS players had to go to bookshops or the library, shock reporting, bullshit article

Most of the news groups do a very good job at spreading terrorist propaganda so why not YouTube?

Finally Google is evil :)

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