Google Backlink Update in Progress

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Backlink Update In Prorgress 10/16
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Looks like seochat member bbot has the scoop on the G backlink update (comment if im wrong on this..)

Looks like the real deal to me.

Means almost bugger all of course, but it's kind of fun on an otherwise dull saturday ;-) - bbot certainly seems to think so, i've been chasing him all over the seo forums network for half an hour trying to work out which post came first as he busily posts on each one of them...


That was quick...

...Nick (your "post" might just be second, even before WMW hehe) Cheers.

Theres a few out there by him so far...

and one at seo-guy by jocelyn - im having trouble with the bbcode.. y the F**k it's decided to turn itself off i have no idea.. back soon..


Those tricky buggers at G are rolling back now ;-)

Ah... who cares?

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