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Sort of a self promo here, but, to be fair, it is something that was sorta asked for. I bugged Patrick and got him to create a coupon code for first time ReviewMe users. For the rest of this month advertisers get 50% off ReviewMe reviews by using the coupon code trial.


Aaron, suggestion: A better

Aaron, suggestion: A better incentive would probably be some transparency on the money side of things. Somewhere advertisers can see what they were charged, and when, what they are being refunded and when. When I click to view orders I get a table with figures that bear no resemblance to the actual completed order costs - it's confusing. But, most imortantly, how about a phone number so advertisers can talk to you if they're having problems (instead of pulling their hair out)?

I am shocked, SHOCKED, I

I am shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you.

TheConsumerist: ReviewMe.com Caught Selling "Product Reviews" On Lifehacker

I'd comment over there,

I'd comment over there, except it requires a subscription. Oh well.

from the comments: I wonder

from the comments:

I wonder if this is the same Patrick Gavin that specializes in "search engine optimization" Pretty shady if you ask me.

This blind seo bias to amazing. If you're not monetizing it, you're missing the exploit of the century.

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