Google Suggest Buying 'bootleg movie download' AdWords Ads


But it is just keywords we are selling ;) Google's lack of respect toward copyright has reached new heights. The WSJ reported that Google suggested a movie download software site bid on terms like "bootleg movie download" and "pirated."

From the WSJ:

The high volume of traffic on and caught Google's attention, according to people familiar with the two men's statements. To help stoke the traffic further, Google assigned the sites account representatives who suggested keywords they could bid on.

Brandon Drury and Luke Sample, said in sworn statements that Google representatives offered them credit to buy advertising on Google's search engine. They also said Google supplied them with keywords, including terms such as "bootleg movie download," "pirated," and "download harry potter movie," which boosted traffic to their sites, according to people familiar with the case.


Same napster movie,

Same napster movie, different and more powerful actors, lets see if G has the muscle they are banking on.

The high volume of traffic

The high volume of traffic on and

I see an empty directory on one, and no site but a pop up on another.

A typo in the story???


>>>"They also said Google supplied them with keywords..."

My My... Google employees telling folks to 'fool' the search engines with misleading keywords... What will google think of next? Giving big money accounts preference in ranking??? Or better yet the Google SEO Store... Just buy your traffic/ranking here!

This shouldn't surprise

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Google has allowed popular P2P networks that transfer millions of illegal songs, movies and software their search network. If they accept traffic from these sites, why would they not sell to them as well?

Danny talked about this

Danny talked about this today on the daily searchcast he also had a awesome co-host

the first time i read the

the only mention of google writing misleading ads for these two sites has been in meta data. the article states google was providing keywords that were accurately describing the website services, and there's nothing wrong with that, they've been doing it for a while.

emphasis mine:
A group of major media companies has accused Internet giant Google Inc. of benefiting from the sale of pirated movies and providing business support to two Web sites suspected of offering access to illegal film downloads, according to several people familiar with the matter.

they must be hoping they get a stupid judge

Reading the story in the gruniand.

I bet that the "Google sugsted" is the automated kw tools and not real googlers like the story sugested.

Of course you could just ban movie related keywords but then the studios wouldn't be ablt to advertize their films.


They also said Google supplied them with keywords, including terms such as "bootleg movie download," "pirated," ..."

If the site did not offer "bootleg" or "pirated" movie downloads then suggesting or using those keywords is misleading...

If the sites in question did in fact offer "bootleg" or "pirated" movie downloads, then those sites should not have been doing business with google in the first place.


This is stupid, I don't like

This is stupid, I don't like Google as much as the next SEO, but honestly guys this shit has got to stop. An algorithm suggests a dodgy keyword, it's no reflection on Google's corporate policy whatsoever.

This is not news. This is NOISE.

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