Google is Challenging Users-Show Us You're Human


Google is now showing challenges to certain queries that is thinks are generated by a virus or spyware application. The bot armies must be on the march.


I have seen this before

I saw this a while back when I was playing around with my user agent. I had changed it to mimic a spammy bot to make sure my rewrite rules were working properly and forgot to change it back. Google gave me the challenge page every time. I also ran into so many other problems while I was browsing that I was sure I did have a virus. Turns out that whatever bot that was was on a lot of blacklists. Took me a day and a half of system cleaning before I figured out what the problem was.


I was playing around on McDar and started paging through results in one of the frames. I was surprised how quick this message appeared


I get this not infrequently when I'm manually scrolling through 'more sponsored links'.

i've never seen that before

i've never seen that before because i would never dream of using automated bots on google. that would break the tos and that would be wrong. i'm ashamed to be associated with so many that have seen that screen. gotta get back to writing good original quality content.

This sucks big time

I'm getting it for almost everything today, even the most innocuous searches. It's hella annoying.

I wasn't doing anything unusual

Got it with both Safari and Firefox without spoofing my user agent.

It's happened before

This is nothing new. If someone using the same IP or perhaps on the same class C block of IPs and they're using a rankings checker or other similar program then Google is going to display that message.

I know Yahoo! does it if you hit their system too hard. Again, rankings checkers are the most likely suspect.


its nothing new, but its happening ALL the time at the mo.

>Show Us You're Human Maybe

>Show Us You're Human

Maybe they could share that tech with the click fraud team.

not new...

Blackhatseo saw this a while back when he was searching with some advanced search operators.

I've also heard about this from friends in collections agencies that Google all day for phone numbers, addresses, etc.


I'm now getting logged out of Adwords accounts after I run searches, even if it doesn't ask me if i am human.

Anyone else having this problem?

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