ESPN Buys 4 Year Old Sports Blog

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ESPN has recently bought, a personal blog about basketball.

"The various executives and editors at ESPN have been nice enough to make clear, even in writing, that they aren't interested in monkeying in any profound way with the way things happen here. (The changes are along the lines of not swearing, and not linking to porn. Not big concessions for me.) It will continue to look more or less like what you are looking at right now. I'll be sitting at the same desk, doing the same work.

To be honest, I wasn't looking to sell TrueHoop, and I liked owning it. But TrueHoop needed a new model (besides the zero income one) if it was going to pay my mortgage."

Read Henry's Announcement

Both Henry Abbott and I are big Portland Trailblazer fans so I've been reading his blog for some time and he very much deserves the payout. But, there are much bigger implications to this story. Will media companies (or technology companies or search engines) buy prominent bloggers in attempt to control the news (and will we even know that the bloggers have been bought)?


Of course they will

In fact.. I am surprised that none of the larger bloggers have been bought yet.

Some of the better bloggers have done an excellent job with meger resources as compared to sites like ESPN...

some of those guys and girls started off with a 8 dollar domain name.. and a 5 dollar a month hosting account... and that is all they had... and are getting thousands of unique visitors a day...

The point I am trying to make is that ESPN or other larger media companies could learn a few things from them regarding marketing.

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