302 Hijacks return!


Our very own JasonD posts about how the 302 nightmare scenario has come back to haunt us all. Great read, although youll need your full attention if your like me.



I shall have to look at that is some detail


LOL!! I thought this issue was gone...

Jason, can you do me a favor and put a few more domainA, B, C and D's in there.. it's makes reading it more enjoyable :)

I aint sure if that's

I aint sure if that's sarcasm or not mate LOL :)

mmmm.... delicious reverse engineering....

From his tests he will know what domain has higher status than any other, and with some careful analysis will be able to ascertain what the criteria are that build the Domain Status score.

if that doesn't get matt cutts' attention, i don't know what will ;)

Matt Bait?

I love it :)

am I stupid or smthn?

Will it be correct to sum up that Google as prone to 302 as before as I can see nothing that would not have entered the discussion since 2005 apart from may be the idea of studying the effects of 302 and using it as a Domain Status indicator
Correct me if I'm wrong PLZ

And another one bites the dust.

Countdown to when Goog ignores url shortening services.


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