Viacom: Thanks YouTube but we'll host our own videos!

Viacom has apparently decided to end its spat with YouTube by taking its proverbial ball (Comedy Central video clips) and going home (its own web sites). Viacom clips can now be embedded in other web pages—just like YouTube clips—but Viacom will be in control of the content.

To say that every other company with video content will be watching this closely to see how Viacom does 'sans YouTube' would be an understatement.

Viacom's move will be watched closely by other content owners who are still deciding whether they are better off in the wild world of YouTube or on their own. If more companies follow the Viacom model and also began aggressive campaigns against the unauthorized use of their content on YouTube, Google would probably find that its shiny new gem looks a bit tarnished.

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I can't imagine they'd do

I can't imagine they'd do bad. Viacom owns a ton of content that was posted on YouTube and probably had some of the more popular clips. As much as we like YouTube and its uniqueness, it still made a lot of money off other people's work.

The question will be how hard Google will police infringement on Viacom material. If it's anything like how they police click fraud, we won't have any problem finding Viacom clips on YouTube.

Back in college...

Back in college, I was a resident assistant... basically a fellow student who organized social programs, did some mild policing (hmm is that pot and beer I smell down the hall way), relationship resolution (dude, wtf. You are in the police academy, why are you beating your girlfriend?... Lady, you are in the Psychology program, why are you with this psycho?), and other activities.

Anyway... in order to play a video tape in a lounge that only students had access to... we had to go through several hoops and register with a few agencies and pay dues because otherwise we'd be showing movies to the "public". You know that FBI warning about non-public viewing and what not, yes, it's enforced, on some.

So basically there were levels of subscription, with out paying through the nose we could choose a lower level subscription and get access to something like 6 of 100 really old movies per month.

I wonder if Viacom has considered something like this. After all, there are tons and tons of video sites out there beyond YouTube. Some legit, some operating in places that do not respect or care about copyright.

If Viacom is smart, they'll simply license a few clips to YouTube for each show that way they still get the teaser/taste from YouTubers then have an official site that gets you the rest of the clip from the official site. I've seen several videos from Cartoon Network that already do this and lead you back to or similar URLs that they own and have full length clips of Robot Chicken and other shows.

So maybe they'll chill the hell out ;)

Check here first then you'll see the post where I describe why I am annoyed about the YouTube/Viacom spat. The thing is, I don't get why people are being arsey about stuff like this. I agree there is a lack of credit for the source of videos on there but at the same time, it's a great promotional piece for all of these big ass companies.

Why did they have to delete my juggernaut bitch video tho, why? :(

Viacom has already found a new friend

named Joost...

Joost, the online TV service developed by the founders of Internet telephone company Skype Ltd., has struck a licensing deal with Viacom International Inc.

Viacom, Joost Make a Deal

Hence the swathe through

Hence the swathe through social video hosting networked locations like youtube etc asking for material to be removed. Joost, what a wack name.

You know I really hate the

You know I really hate the "check here" to read what I think post. Thats really f**king lame. If you have something to contribute to the conversation.. post it.. in the conversation.

RE: Above addition (not a contribution)

Your comment is TOTALLY USELESS. At least the link outside was to something that was directly linked - you just wasted my time because I had to:

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Get off your g-d damn high horse!

Sorry you didn't find my

Sorry you didn't find my comment useful. I'll make this one more instructional for you.

Link dropping to your blog, so I can go read a post that 3 sentences long is a waste of my time. Why should I go to your blog to read your trivial comment ? Was it really that hard for you to post here ?

I might have felt it was a worthwhile trip had you posted something substantial. Instead I click the link and realized it was a lame attempt to build traffic to a pathetic excuse for a post. You interrupted the flow of converation, wasted my time, and left me with the impression that you have a crappy blog.

All so you could save yourself the pain of typing the only original comment you had in the post... "It reminds me of the Juggernaut Bitch Video".

Fanning the flames...

Marvel Comics Inc. had the "Juggernaut Bitch" video stripped from YouTube. Actually I did screw up, I was supposed to post this link

so I apologize for being a minor btard but you're a full-blow asshole. If I want your opinion about my crappy blog I'll ask for it.

FYI, you've brought nothing to the table here except a bad attitude and a waste of time, what else is on the menu?

You did ask me for my

You did ask me for my opinion. You asked me to visit your blog in your first post so I could know what you think. I did.. now I am commenting on it since I bothered to make the trip.

I am glad you cleared it up though with your second link. Going to your blog so I could discover that you had a video deleted from youtube really helps me understand your thoughts on the matter. Ok not really..

Both links you have posted are to posts that are irrelevent and would have been easily posted in the thread. Thanks for wasting my time again.

You win, I lose :)

Wow, you are totally right and I am wrong and I have wasted only your time :)

Although this has been fun, I give up, you win!


delinked on principal.

I think the Viacom deal is huge for Joost or two more quick deals like that and they might create a domino effect.

domino effect agreed.

It's just a matter of time before these big ass companies start to contract their hosting to others, who is the biggest?

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