You read one SEO blog, you read them all


I am reading a bunch of SEO blogs and I notice that from time to time the authors either cover the same story without adding much own thoughts or write pretty trivial stuff. I have no problem with that. I understand that everyone wants to produce content.

But today is one of those days when everybody and their dog is repeating the same trivial story. Google’s Valentine’s day logo. Come on, even though the logo looks a bit funny, it is barely worth a story. Don’t you guys always say that writing good content is the key to success? This isn’t it.


Not everyone posts about

Not everyone posts about Google's Valentine Logo, although you gotta give those SEOs credit for following the techmeme... it gets them exposure even if it pisses off the readership.

That's what RSS readers are

That's what RSS readers are for. Scan the headlines and ignore the stories about Google's every burp. Unfortunately, tagging a story 'Google' drives traffic, no matter what the story happens to be, which is why some folks mention Google in nearly every post.

i've tried telling a few of

i've tried telling a few of them that this "here's more of the same stuff" ain't gonna cut it in the long run, but i think they write me off as a griefer. what may be happening is what happened in seo forums, there's a near-constant supply of newbies and the newbies offer infinitely better fishing territory for commercial trolling.

This is why I want a feed

This is why I want a feed reader that tries to cluster based on topic of posts and time.

RSS Bandit will do it...

webprofessor - check out RSS Bandit for topic clustering. and you can download it from SourceForge.

rcjordan - high five.

As I posted recently on Lee Goddin's comments, around half of his "300 must-read-blogs" are original content. The rest are copies, re-hashes, or just plain boring. I've no idea why they're on that list....but he's got the right to publish it and perhaps it's just a bad month for bloggers.

In general, I do not think it's okay to re-publish the re-published stuff of the re-published news of others. This is lazy. Take the time to create some original work, make some kind of intellectual contribution to the discussion. Of Lee's list, I've already eliminated around 30% because there is simply "no beef." What RSS Bandit needs is a ratings system - but in lieu of that, I simply organize the feeds into folders based on their quality. The low quality ones eventually get chopped. The good ones stay in my a-list, and eventually on my blogroll.

We need a signal to noise boost out here - that's for damn sure.

I really could care less

I really could care less about Google's Valentine Logo :)

Caring less

Off topic, but something I've always wondered is about the way Americans use that saying "could care less". In the UK we say "couldn't care less". Now it may be just me, but isn't saying "could care less" basically the opposite of the point you're trying to make (ie, that you don't give a shit about whatever it is you're talking about)?

It could be sarcasm, but whenever I've heard Americans saying "I could care less about xyz" it doesn't sound much like sarcasm.

I have tried a few feed

I have tried a few feed readers but keep going back to my bookmark-based system. My daily reading bookmark drop-down is ranked in a very rough, very subjective order that is a mix of where I tend to comment most frequently AND/OR where the quality of the post headlines and related commentary are generally the best over time. The order of reading tends to morph slowly, as I give some leeway for the author's periodic burnout, writer's block, business failure, or family crisis. No feed can take all of those peripheral, but still quality-robbing, contributing factors into account. I've not kept my own blog for all of the above reasons and more. Besides, is probably taken.

One trend that I understand the need from the owner's perpective, but still do not like, is the multi-contributor SEO blog. I like a consistent voice when I read.

What's worse?

A blogger rehashing a stupid topic or a blogger complaining about bloggers rehashing a stupid topic? Or... a random commenter responding to a blogger complaining about bloggers rehashing a stupid topic? I'm so confused. ;)

In the UK we say "couldn't care less"

Lazy American English, Adam. ;)

dude our president can't

dude our president can't pronounce nuclear and you expect me to use a contraction properly ?

Blogs are Scrapers in Disguise

Most Blogs I come across operate very similarly to scrapers. I subscribe to quite a few Google Alerts. It amazes me how an original story can be posted on one blog today, and within seven days, there are hundreds, thousands of other blogs with the same story.

What's different between that and scraping?

There are a small group of quality blogs that produce original quality content. The rest of them are just scrapers! ;)

"I could care more" would

"I could care more" would certainly confuse most Americans. "I could care less" is mis-interpreted by most Americans. "I couldn't care less" is properly interpreted by all Americans, whether it is because they mis-hear it or because they actually follow the negative and properly interpret it.

So in the interest of gross efficiency, I couldn't care less.

wtg to turn this into a grammar lesson

bloody english. oops, i'm from there.

I use feedreader and I skim through my feeds once a day. Most of the info is from blogs. I am sick of all the bullshit I read from a highly subject specific blog who decides to post absolute bollocks about a f%&king logo (drole).

Lazy headlines

I know what you mean about the Valentine logo. I was bored when I read it for the first time after that it just got tedious. Thankfully using a rss reader you can zoom past the medicore, carbon copy, lazy headline posts and get to the meat.

It's hard writing a blog, it's bloody hard. But it really gets my juices going when I press that submit button and know ther is nothing like what I just wrote out there.

We all have a unique perspective, we all have something to say. All you gotta do is tap it out. Lets hear it. It takes courage sometimes to be unique. To follow a line no one else is following.

We all know what makes good content, so why do we have such a hard time putting it out there, I know I do.

For years I have had great success with a few sites, under the radar, keeping my heading down, lurking in the shadows. I never thought anyone would read anything I wrote. I was wrong.

Of course it helped that over Christmas my bad ass sites got caught with their danglies in the Google wringer, so now I have to go out and earn an honest buck and do a bit of consulting.

So I started an SEO blog, determined to publish stuff with a different perspective. To add to the mountain of knowledge out there. In my travels around the SEO echo chamber I am amazed at how many talented, interesting people publish fluff and puff.

Luckily there are some amazing minds out there that share their thoughts and insights freely with us and give us SEO bloggers inspiration and something to aim for.

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