The Reason it's a slow day


This is the reason it's a slow day.. 1/2 of the United States is buried under a ton of snow. Video from my house


I knew there was a reason ...

... why I live on the coast in sub-tropical Queensland. Thanks for reminding me :)


Snow? what's that? can't say we get a lot of that in Western Australia, indeed none at all, ever :-)

Damm Aussies :)

I don't want to hear about Palm Trees right now!! I gotta go shovel :)


just dug out my car. only

just dug out my car. only two people made it to work today, and the only reason i did was because i had a ride from the only other. 6 inches of snow with 6 inches of ice on top.

no worries once we get the

no worries once we get the global warming finished we won't have snow here either

Drought Here

Snow wow. Where I am, Melb, Australia we're in the middle of one of the worst droughts ever. One wonders what we're all doing to the earth.

yeah totallly, I mean there

yeah totally, I mean there were no droughts until the invention of the car.

Yeah but...

that ton of snow is distributed over 1/2 the United States, making for not that much snow anywhere. Up here in Canada, now here we have snow.


My dad can whup your dad... ; )

I am rubber, you are glue

Maybe so, but if it were a snowball fight.... :P

Careful beard0, you don't

Careful beard0, you don't want to get shipped to Syria like the last Canadian that messed with us.

We've have sod all snow in

We've have sod all snow in the Scottish Highlands this winter. The South of England has had more snow than Northern Scotland so far!

Heh I don't know about

Heh I don't know about Canada but your situation looks pretty good compared to us in Russia, Founder :) I brush off about 4 inches of snow each time we start the car...

The ice came early though this year, caused mayhem on the roads as everyone still had their summer tires on. I stuck a video up on my blog - it's pretty funny.


Hicksville, PA

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