Mobile Marketing to increase by $50M in Next 2yrs

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Good news for US mobile marketers
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Adverblog have the scoop on a new report from Frost:

revenue in the US mobile marketing market was worth $11.5 million and it will reach $69.3 million by 2007. The report, "An Insight into the United States Mobile Marketing & Short Code SMS Markets" reveals that to further enhance customer response, mobile marketing companies must work toward achieving greater synchronization in a comparatively extended value chain that includes advertisers, platform providers, connection aggregators, and mobile operators.

Its not much, but the comments about bottlenecks in the progression of mobile marketing caught my eye in particular - why is it that the very people and companies that should be creating wonderful new tech and exciting biz opps are also the ones stifling progress? - i know there are easy answers to that question but buggering hell, it's just such a damn shame..