USAToday - Jeez, Take a Pill, all you Blogomaniacs

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Chill, blogophiles; you're not the first to do what you're doing
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Wonderful piece from Kevin Maney in USAToday downing the nauseating hype and constant dribbling about everything and anything about blogs.

But in the tech industry, hype is like a basic food group. Something is always going to change the world overnight: 3G wireless networks, interactive TV, artificial intelligence. If it won't change the whole world, you work down to the smallest applicable unit: "Our software will revolutionize dietary supplement knowledge management aboard ships at sea." Or some such thing.

Blogging is similarly the latest revolution — e.g., it's not. Which, in a way, makes it cooler.

Today, software tools make it cheap and simple to post personal journals on the Web, so more people do. "I wouldn't underestimate how much of this is driven by the tools," says Jonathan Weber, the former editor of the defunct Industry Standard, now starting a blog-infused Web site about the Rocky Mountain region.

Blogs and the reasons they exist have historical antecedents.

Take Luther in the early 1500s. About 60 years before, Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Before that, only the church and governments could afford to reproduce and manage information, keeping a lock on ideas and power. The printing press gave Luther a way to distribute his thesis — an early version of blogging. Next thing, we had Protestants.

It's no secret that all this teen mania everytime some dumbarse throws up a few lines on a website annoys me, i read the blogs (currently upward of 250) to keep in touch with what's going on in my fields of interest but bloody hell, if i read one more sodding "so and so has a blog!" i swear im gonna puke...