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This morning we reported on the Google employee blog that it appears Google have tried to silence.

Now, courtesty of DaveN you can read the entire blog...

Deary deary me, whatever is the world coming to eh? Oh well, it may be the tabloid blog wheeze of the day but back to biz now...



There's certainly a lot of detail in the blog - it's pretty convincing without suggesting any overt agenda (ie, defamation by rival).

That Google should have a human face without heavy marketing spin would be refreshing, but the key issue is whether the original post is genuine or prank.

Any further reports on the source and the apparent employee??

Original Blog

That adds weight i think but short of a note from his mum i dont think you'll find much better right now...

Am I missing something, or is this totally *NOT* censorship?

Er, at least not censorship by Google.

I have no inside info whatsoever; never met or chatted with Mark or even heard of him before this, nor heard anything about the situation other than that I've read in the blogosphere.

However, here's my take:

- Mark posts entries.
- Mark gets a note from friend saying, "Dude, are you off your rocker? You're just a few days into a new job, and you're blogging about stuff that's covered by your NDA?! And -- NDA aside -- you're blogging about your compensation? You've just printed a sign that says:


...right on your forehead. Take that *&@(! down, man!"
- Mark thinks, d'oh, I really am a moron, and then deletes all the stuff.

Of course, it's too late now. But I'm guessing that Google HR didn't even complain to Mark, or -- if so -- wasn't the first to do so.


...if it were not for the Googe Cache being nowhere to be found Adam.

Personally i don't blame Google one little bit - i'd have nailed him to a stake for writing that if he worked for me but, it's news when Googe take action. Or, more accurately, it's news when Google appear to have taken action...


That's the thing - it's the perceived action.


>i'd have nailed him to a stake for writing that if he worked for me

Same here.

Sounds like the employee from hell, what a whiner [maybe thats the blogger side of him though].

Well, seems like a smart response here

I just get annoyed when I see other sites making the fellow a martyr and Google the evil heavy. Whatever Mark's intentions, his actions were supremely stupid, and I'd think Google would be in the right to say, "Um, I'd remove this if I were you."

Not to jump on the anti-blogger bandwagon (I'm a blogger myself, dangit :D), but -- as with any medium -- sometimes peoples' brains leak out through their fingers when they start writing.

I still prefer

flogging. 50 lashes, Cat O' Nine Tails.

>i'd have nailed him to a stake for writing that if he worked for me

You'd think that their long winded interview process...

...would go some way to weeding out people like this...

He's a ball

of happiness, that's for sure. What a great employee to have boosting the coworkers' morale all day.

"He's a ball of happiness, th

"He's a ball of happiness, that's for sure"
Lol, i was thinking that.

With all this talk of flogging, dungeons, and BDSM, is there something i should know about this upcoming UK meet?

the price of that thing.....

It's sad when you realise you can't afford to be kinky :(

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