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Gary Ruplinger, the guy with the famous social bookmarking video, recently replied on Greg Boser's blog about his video:

I think that for a lot of new people, they’ll spend hours trying to get their meta tags just right or get their keyword density to an optimal level because some free article they read, some outdated forum post, or some friend just as clueless as they are told them to. When instead they should be focusing on two things – quality content AND quality links.


And again

Another response from him on Greg's blog:

To respond to Everett about me learning my lesson. Well, I have indeed learned many lessons - I've learned a lot about the the digg community, the blogosphere, video making, and quite a few other things. Another thing I will admit to having learned is that being a bit controversial can be a good thing. While being insulted certainly doesn't feel good, there has been plenty of good that has come of it as well. I honestly don't regret making that video.

Luckily we can get his

Luckily we can get his blueprint to get traffic FREE !

why free ? because charging for it would cramp his playboy lifestyle

When it came to deciding what to charge for this, initially I thought, $97. But then I'd have to deal with returns, charge backs, and well, that would cramp my lifestyle. I like to travel, a lot, and don't want people whining to me that they bought my manual, did't bother to read it, but their site still isn't getting any traffic.


This is classic event in SEO

This is classic event in SEO history. It reflects so much of what has ben going on in the past year.

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