Fox to Push Dedicated Mobile Shows via Verizon

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Fox are to put out their next 2 shows via mobile - not repurposed for mobile, but, for the first time, a major Hollywood studio will develop dedicated content for 3G

Verizon will launch its VCast service early next week and is desperate for original content. The two series, Love and Hate and The Sunset Hotel, will consist of 26 one-minute episodes distributed via the VCast service, a new premium-content and video-on-demand platform that will cost Verizon subscribers $15 a month on top of their regular phone bills. It's the first time a major Hollywood entertainment company has committed resources to mobile-phone shows; until now most content available on phones -- such as sports clips or CNN broadcasts -- has been repurposed from broadcast television.

I rather liked 24 so were i a verizon subscriber i might be tempted to shell out $15 a month BUT - with those titles i fear the worst....


No Paris Hilton?

What a shame. Maybe she'll do a guest spot on that Sunset Hotel thing.

Dammit qwerty...

You just made me finally go and search for paris hilton! up untill a couple of weeks ago i'd thought that it was some kind of political scandal at a hotel!

Now i find that while she's quite pretty, im not in the least enlightened - what's the big deal?

She's a member of that new ve

She's a member of that new version of celebrity: people who are famous just for being famous.

And I don't think she's all that pretty.


She doesn't do much for me at all - far to anorexic looking. That unique kind of "i dont eat enough" type of pretty - i prefer girls that don't look ill...

any forum/blog/cms that would

any forum/blog/cms that would allow any discussion of "that person" should be banned from the www - imho

I thought she was famous for

Doing a Pam Anderson and releasing a video of her and her bloke "getting it on"? (Which got her reality TV work etc)


Verizon go with Windows Media Mobile for their VCast service...

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