Google: We Said Take More Notes


You would have thought with all the negative press from the Blake Ross Google Self Promotion fiasco they would be a little gun shy. However today I noticed Google adding "note this" to the SERP listings when you are logged into your google account

Google Stop Acting Like My Mother - Google Search

Normally this snippet only occurred when you were using the notebooks plugin and had the setting enabled, however mine is turned off


It seems Google has decided they know what I want more than I do and ignore my clearly stated preferences.


Who cares? Besides, those

Who cares?

Besides, those links show up only when you have Google Notebook installed.

And if you don't make it private

Hmm... not able to reproduce this

I have the Google Notebook add-in installed on Win XP FF2.0.
Did a search, got the "Note this" link.
Disabled Google Notebook, closed and restarted the browser, did a search... no "Note this" links.

Perhaps you didn't fully close Firefox before trying another search, Graywolf?


Did you disable the plugin (or addon I think they call them now) or just turn the 'enable note' thing off? Yea I restart FF at least once a day.

Ah! Now I see what you're saying

Dang, it's just not my day today. I originally misread your note, then mistakenly thought it was a bug... but now I've realized what's going on.

You're thinking that option does something different from what it actually does (and is intended to do). With it activated, you can highlight text and images in your browser and a little "+" button appears, letting you instantly create a note with that snippet. Without that activated, no such button appears.

The "Note this" link (not button) is independent of that. I guess the assumption was that that link doesn't take up valuable real estate nor conflict with anything else...and can be pretty useful, which does seem reasonable to me.

Sorry about any confusion.

Sense of Humor

>And clearly it's a completely malevolent attempt to play with peoples' minds and give them options that don't do anything.

heh, thanks. Now if you're in the suggesting mood adding tablet PC support like onenote would be rockin, and letting me save it to something non IE people could read easily would one up that product

Tablet PC support

I have two tablet PC's myself, and so your idea is intriguing. Admittedly, though, I've never seen any Web app (ajax'y or otherwise) take advantage of the tablet PC's special functionality. Are you aware of any such applications on the Web? I'd love to check 'em out, and am sure many of my colleagues'd be fascinated, too. Then again, there's probably some team at the 'plex working on that anyway, and I just haven't come across their project page yet :)

Tablet PC's

Nope nothing yet. However for sending things back to clients onenote is probably my absolutest favorite application. The difficulty is it's integrated tightly with MS outlook/word/explorer. So getting a document out in a format everyone can read is tricky, using a PDF print converter is the most universally workable solution I've come up with.

Handwriting recognition isn't a priority for me I like being able to write/draw on top of documents and screenshots more than anything else, but I may be in the minority on that front

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