Test custom-made for paranoid SEO's


"Do you trust everything you are told or do you think there is usually truth in conspiracies?"

The Conspiracy Test


the test was rigged

Your responses indicate that you have a medium level of belief in conspiracy theories.

>> test was rigged totally.

>> test was rigged

totally. i'm a full blown kook (and damn proud of it!), and i got "medium level of belief" in conspiracy theories when i took the test.

of course the real conspiracy -- the META-CONSPIRACY -- is that the bbc is trying to stifle conspiracy theories.

i knew they were watching,

i knew they were watching, so i padded my answers to fall within the median range

The biggest test...

is if you are afraid to click on that link altogether. Then you score an A+ on your paranoia exam.

use a proxy like i did.

use a proxy like i did.


You trust proxies?! :)

it's a trap

I think it's a trap to find those who are really onto them. They know we know, and they know we know that they we know that they know, and by taking the test they know that we are trying to fool them. However refusing to take the test they know that we know that they know, and that we know that they know we know that they know and are watching for that exact behavior, it's so terribly clear it's a reverse self perpetuating red herring honey pot to confuse you. Could you imagine the damage it would cause if we went public with the fact that Gilligans Island was used to transmit encoded spy messages? And what if the entire fact that seasons 2 through 4 were done in color and not black and white was so the illumati could send messages with higher level of data compression to the aliens. Man that would be almost as mind blowing as ...

only if i'm using someone


only if i'm using someone else's laptop

Notice how they save the big

Notice how they save the big question (aliens) for last. Coincidence? Or...


The truth is out there..

>> CONSPIRACY?!?! Dude, you


Dude, you been on the Bushmills ALREADY?

The truth is out there..

and with your background, we know that you know what it is Matt.

Of course Matt knows...

Google only removes sites if they get too close to the truth, plus uses Toolbar and Analytics data to detect if people discover the truth. That's the real reason why Google Analytics is free - the NSA pays for it!

My "buy v1agra" site proved that aliens were real, and got blacklisted - coincidence???

PS. Sorry Matt - couldn't resist ;)

Shut Up

Firstly a website cannot prove the existence of aliens only suggest it, proved how thick can you be and how thick do you expect people to be more than likely you accepted links of any site that would exchange with you and over registered to the Search Engines its idiots like you that start conspiracy theories the only conspiracy theories Google has got going on is to save the internet from spam and shit sites not to get rid of decent informative sites there are many scripts that Google uses to register and rank sites and I'm sure none of them decide weather you are allowed in by site subject, and I'm sure Google doesn't employ people to look at site's to see weather they prove the existence of aliens as no form of web media could prove the existence of aliens they can only help to prove that most conspiracy theories are a load of bollocks

"Organizations" is not spelled correctly

Rigged, and through question selection you can manipulate the results for any poll.

"Your responses suggest you have a high level of belief in conspiracy theories. You might have reason not to trust others, even people close to you. You may also feel that you are an outsider in terms of society and the political and business decisions that large organisations make.

That is called English...

> "Organizations" is not spelled correctly

That is called English, the BBC does not use American spelling.

Edit: Apart from BBC America of course.

paranoid SEOs?

I used to be paranoid, but people persecuted me for it so I stopped.


I belive the the ize vs ise depends on which uni you went to Oxford prefers the ize construction.

Oxford prefers the ize

Oxford prefers the ize construction


The Oxford Dictionary

lists 'organization' followed by (also organisation). That's from the enormous version of the OED, you know, the one that requires its own pedestal.

How do we know it's the real

How do we know it's the real rcjordan starting this thread?

so many questions

And why does rcjordan setup sockpuppets like "Brad" to diss his own threads?

>diss his own threads brad's

>diss his own threads

brad's real enough, well, i think ...could be a bradbot, i guess.

*BUT* (and since this is a paranoia thread, it's still on topic, sorta) I was polled recently for an article about the use of alter egos in forums and comment streams. The article was focusing on the darker side of the current craze for social sites. I could tell the writer with 100% certainty that, yes, there are/were a number of admins, moderators, and social site members with multiple online identities.

HYPOTHETICALLY speaking, of course, if I were to diss my own thread it would be to add editorial perspective, to steer the questions downstream where I wanted them to go. There was (is?) a tv news show called "Point, Counterpoint" --why be unprepared for the counterpoint? Why have the counterpoint take you off-topic?

So, add the above concern to your (the generic you) phobias.


They are suppressing evidence of Aliens!

>>sockpuppets Damn that's


Damn that's just about the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. 30 years ago I subscribed to a John Birch Society magazine, but I eventually took the cure. heh.


A suspected member of the Illuminati, I'm watching him.

Actually it's a good thread, sort of a distillation of all the conspiracy threads, ever, from WmW and TW. Good times. :)

Bushmills? Isn't that the

Dude, you been on the Bushmills ALREADY?

Bushmills? Isn't that the hotel brand designed to get more money from Jameson drinkers? Somebody's been traveling too much.

As for conspiracies... I never follow any link about conspiracy theories. It's just not wise.

Bushmills Church of the Redeemer

Bushmills Church of the Redeemer - Repent! Then have a shot.

As for conspiracy theories, I'm dating myself here, but until recently I didn't realize that so many people believe we didn't land on the moon. Next they're going to tell me Columbus wasn't the first to discover America!


It wasn't Columbus, it was Al Gore. He also invented the internet.

Columbus Discovered Amerca ... Bah!

Heck I thought everybody knew Lief Ericson Discovered America and that Columbus was just the front man and it was Martin Pinzon and his brother Vicente who actually knew what they were doing.

Discovered ... not.

I have aboriginal friends who refer to 1492 as the year Columbus INVADED America, not discovered it.

But that's a whole 'nuther discussion ...

Al Gore Responsible for Global Warming

Al Gore invented the Internet? Wasn’t Al Gore also responsible for global warming? It was his hot air that wrecked the ozone layer.

graywolf, you cant

trust wikipedia for information. It is a tool by which the Illuminati (Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, et al) rewrite history for the New World Order.


Sounds like Kirby and The Lisa have something in common: an intense distrust of Wikipedia. Back to America, I actually thought Gerard Depardieu discovered it. :)

Ahh that old America was discovered red herring....

America was actually created by the right wing religious establishment as a base from which to eradicate the effete left wing liberalisation of europe which was inevitable following the establishment of protestant churches. Obviously world military conquest was going to be the only way to ensure this, and following the failure of their puppet government under Hitler in the 1930's it was decided that direct action was the only solution. As we can see now, the combination of Microsoft and Google know everything about any liberals out there and this information is being collated in deciding who is to benext against the wall.


don't use Microsoft, they all use Macs. ; )

Oh Well ....

.. nobody will miss Mac Users anyway :)

>> Bushmills? Isn't that the

>> Bushmills? Isn't that the hotel brand designed to get more money from Jameson drinkers?

LOL, no. I prefer Bushmills to Jamesons, personally. It'd be nice to try some "real" Irish whiskeys, rather than the brand types, but they are hard enough to find in Ireland, and damn near impossible to find here in England. Black bush, or 16 year old for preference, since that's what we can get...

Jamesons is a Midleton product, Bushmills is from the Bushmills distillery, and good luck finding anything from the Cooley distillery....

deep breath treggs

Can't vouch for or against aliens or Google, but I have heard that full stops exist. They may have lessened the impact of your rant however.

"load of bollocks"

Read it and weep.


>>>"Google doesn't employ people to look at site's to see weather they prove the existence of aliens..."

Sure they do... Matt C. looks for aliens everyday... Foreign invaders to the SERP, that is...

Methinks someones tinfoil hat is on a little tight. ;-)

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