Lloyd Bruan - Yahoo! Media Chief on the Future of Y! Content

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TV vet Braun reveals what's next for content at Yahoo!
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In the wake of Yahoo goes to Hollywood here's a hhort but sweet interview with Lloyd Braun, Yahoo's new Head of Media over at the Hollywood Reporter - Yahoo's media model is exciting, and this interview puts some good perspective on what we may see coming from Y! over the next year or two.

On being pitched by Terry Semel (Y! CEO) for the job..

After 20 minutes, every bone in my body started to scream out, "I have to do this job." I didn't know what the job was -- all I knew was this sounded unbelievable.

Putting Yahoo! content on the map..

"The Sopranos" put HBO on the map. Milton Berle -- defining moment that showed what television can do. "I Love Lucy" -- defining moment of what a situation comedy could be. We haven't really had our defining moment yet as to the big breakout event that really shows the world and the consumer, oh my god, look what this can be. But we will.

and on the competition...

Google is now for me NBC, CBS and Fox all rolled into one. But the competition can be our friends. We have alliances with SBC, Verizon. We're going to have so many roles as this all evolves. It's an amazing opportunity to be involved in so many different businesses in a productive way.