SEO Days Launches


DaveN, Greg Boser, and Jen Slegg are launching a 2 day SEO conference series named SEO Days.


Jump on the bandwagon :)

Jump on the bandwagon :)

You gota love the little

You gota love the little naked figures streaking in the masthead... with one of them (the blue one?) leading from the front. I can only imagine who that might be ;-)

Great idea

I think its a great idea, back when I worked for a marketing agency there are a few of our clients I think could have benefited a great deal from sitting down with Dave for a chat.

Was that when...

...they wouldn't pay you Chris :)


Heh, I couldn't possibly comment ;O)

Its definitely a good idea

Its definitely a good idea and I hope it takes off for them

@John Andrews

I noticed those figures, too...and wonder who they represent? Perhaps it's Greg, Jennifer, and Dave chasing Mr. Cutts?

Its Racist

I think its some sort of racist statement. Notice how the chasing ones are white and the one running away is blue.


Only racist if you are a smurf, are you or from 2nd generation smurfs? I guess while running away the little white hat dropped off

I think its awesome you guys

I think its awesome you guys finally are going ahead with it. I would say good luck but with the people you have involved I dont think luck will have anything to do with your success.

hey shoe..

cheers mate, I know people are going to compare the two models and hey people believe it or not me and shoe have each other on IM !!


stay away from Feb 28. tough

stay away from Feb 28. tough competition
venue great. price right. COMP ME!

[OT} thanks rc

HEY FAMILEE! Remembah to pack yah bmobile so while yuh fetin' dung di place yuh can call home an tell dem how dis ting sweet.

Reminds me how much I really need to travel more. The world looks like so much more fun than here.

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