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Whenever we talk about video ads at TW the same objection, rightly, always comes up - where's the interactivity? Well, here's what may be a step in the right direction. Zachery Rodgers over at Clickz reports on Unitied Virtualities (what a wonderfully unusable site..) new product Shoshmosis (oh boy, it just gets better and better..):

Called Shoshmosis, the unit adds a Flash layer to any streaming video format, enabling users to roll over or click on individual elements within the frame. Marketers can apply it to repurposed television content, their own TV ads ported to the Web, or original Web programming.

It's not the first time a company has added Flash-based interactions to video. used the technology in the credits for a series of online films it produced in late 2004. But Shoshmosis is the first product to sync interactivity with moving objects in a streaming video.

So you get to chase objects round the banner ad and click 'em. Is that right? heh..



...and I am not usually the person to get excited about video ads.

(he says, while looking at some random rotating flashturbation)

Please, please, please let this fall into the right hands, for once.

Wow, that was a perfect exerc

Wow, that was a perfect exercise in how not to use Flash. :) Personally, I wish Flash would go away already. A rotating ball of links, for a demo no less. Just can't get excited about that for some reason...

Shoshmosis Psychosis

shoshmosis is not a soulution at all. They want you to pay them to hyper video encode for you, same with Avant's solution. There is a solution avialble for the Quicktime codecs that works wonderfully, if you can live with the fact that it is available for Quicktime only.

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