UK Government's Tony Blair is a Mass Email Spammer


Tony Blair emailed 1.8 million people who signed a petition against a proposed road tax that would charge UK drivers by the mile:

Initial estimates suggest a tracking scheme, with prices depending on location and the time of day, could cost drivers up to 1.34 pounds a mile in the busiest areas at rush hour.

Drivers in London already pay 8 pounds a day to enter the city centre, a radical congestion charge introduced in 2003 against strong opposition but which has cut traffic.


how does this stuff make it through...

spam is generally considered commercial and certainly not emailing people who signed up on your web site with their email address. Spam has less to do with the size of the list and more to do with the intent of the mailing.

Cabbage, do you smoke crack?

>>emailed 1.8 million people who signed a petition

'Nuff said. Now Un-ass my AO.

Not Guilty.....

My headline was 'Spam?'

Whoever amended obviously has a potential career working for The News Of The World or The National Enquirer. How about 'Tony Blair ate my hamster' next time.

DG, the only crack I'm interested in doesnt smoke at all well.

sounds like you could have made a better post

whats up with a generic title like spam?

It's not spam....

Your email will not be published, and is collected only to confirm your account and to keep you informed of response to this petition.
If you sign an e-petition on the Downing Street website, you will be required to provide us with basic personal information to enable us to verify that "signatures" collected are genuine. Your name (but no other details) will be published on the petition on the website.

We will only use the information you provide us for this purpose, and, unless you ask us not to, to write to you a maximum of two times about the issues raised in the petition. You may also receive a maximum of two messages from the creator of the petition.

Think he will sell his

Think he will sell his mailing list?

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