The Google Browser and OS Debate continues...

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Open Source Programme Manager. Hmmmmmm
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Craigslist has and ad from Google in it looking for an Open Source Program Manager

Google is looking for a candidate who can manage technical programs in our open source software programs office

Could this, in conjunction with recent Firefox developers being hired be add some more fuel to the fire that G will be launching a Google OS?


I think more likely

A GoogleBrowser or GoogleOffice :O)

It makes sense to me that Google will think of theirself as "apart" from operating systems - in a similar way MS made their break by being hardware agnostic.

Personally I hope they don't

Personally I hope they don't launch it too soon. I wanted to be the 1st search related business to launch an OS !!!

I doubt the GoogleOS will hap

I doubt the GoogleOS will happen but the GoogleBrowser is a good possibility.

I've speculated on a Google O

I've speculated on a Google OS before - but to be fair, it would require a pretty huge investment of resources. More likely that Google would patronise a couple of software platforms directly tied to internet usage - browsers for starters. Will probably throw some cash into open source projects in these areas, too.

At any rate, I'd rather Googl

At any rate, I'd rather Google finish their beta projects before releasing yet another half-assed product into the market. It appears that Google has a problem finishing things. I think their perpetual betas are growing tiresome.

It does however provide them with a ready excuse for criticism though doesn't it?

I think a lot of the

betas are about PR. Also perhaps a symptom of having lots of clever people right out of academia who are not accustom to having to do "work". Kind of like the open source problem on a $billion corporate scale.

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