Students - Pay Your Gambling Debts With .EDU Links


Rogue poker provider Full Tilt has been caught showing its hand after mass mailing US students in a "cash for links" scandal. Students were offered monthly deposits into their FullTilt poker account in exchange for links from a .edu web page:

If you are the owner of any web page with a .EDU domain (any website with a .edu extension) and you post a link on that page to, we will pay you for every month that the link is present. We'll deposit the money straight into your Full Tilt Poker account, and you're free to withdraw it, or use it to play in any of our ring games or tournaments.

More concerning than fishing for .edu links is the fact that students may themselves be committing a crime by promoting online gambling on their University webspace. Full Tilt is one of the few online gaming providers still accepting US players and is under investigation by the American authorities.


protectionism sucks... especially from sanctimonious US gamblers

>>Full Tilt is one of the few online gaming providers still accepting US players

Good for them!

- Is there anything other

- Is there anything other than a forum post supporting this ?
- Linking to a website is a crime ? Am I behind on the anti-poker legislation ?

Linking to a website a crime?

It is if it breaks University policy. PSU has very strict rules regarding what you can and cannot place on your school website.

Breaking a university policy

Breaking a university policy is not criminal to the best of my knowledege.


But, these are also college students. Who wants to tell mom or dad that the university is expelling you for trying to make money selling links on the university website.


What Scaredy Cat is saying is ALMOST correct.

The UIGA Bill that the Bush boy signed into law on Oct 13th 2006 does make it a crime (Felony) to link to illegal online gambling sites, punishable by five years in prison and a very very large fine.

However, poker is not an illegal online gambling activity inside most US States. Eleven US States do make playing poker illegal and stop their so called free citizens from playing poker.

The only illegal online gambling activity inside the US is Sports Betting and transfering money between a US resident and an illegal online gambling site.

I am not a lawyer so don't take this as legal advice. (But I have paid a lot of money to lawyers to get where I understand what is going on in this area.)

By the way full tilt poker is in my opinion one of the worst poker sites on www for affiliates... they don't even have online stats, they send you a email report every month...

Ime Shocked Shocked


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