And Speaking of Local, Online Local Ad Spend to Grow 46% this Year

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Report: Local Online Ad Spend to Rise 46 Percent in '05
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Local is a hot topic right now, we have ongoing discussions on Amazon A9's new Visual Yellow Pages and the State of Local Search and now we see clicz reporting on a study that says online local ad spend will grow 46% in 2005

Spending on local online advertising will total approximately $3.9 billion in 2005, a 46 percent increase over the $2.7 billion 2004 total, according to research conducted by Borrell Associates on 210 U.S. media markets.

Those growth figures are roughly double what researchers expected to measure for online local in 2005, said Gordon Borrell, president and chief executive of the Portsmouth, Virginia-based company. (The company measured a 28.7 percent increase in local ad spending online in 2004.)

"We've always viewed local advertisers as fairly conservative in that they don't have that much to spend," Borrell said. "Typically you expect them to funnel most of their ad spend into direct mail and yellow pages, with only a small percentage for online, but that is not the case at all this year. Local advertisers have started rushing toward this. Here they come."