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Feedburner gives some context to the recent changes from google reader and how they affect your subscriber numbers. It's worth a read if that's an important metric for you FeedBurner's View of the Feed Market

While it's always encouraging to see feed subscription numbers go up these subscription numbers in a vacuum only tell part of the story. Equally important is the extent to which people are reading feeds and interacting with them. In today's post we'll take a look at one aspect of the feed aggregator market - the web-based aggregators - and draw some conclusions about how audiences are consuming content in new and different ways.


A question - is there any

A question - is there any actual advantage to having your feed hosted with feedburner as opposed to hosting it yourself?

Simply that I get twitchy at the idea of handing responsibility for my feeds to a third-party.

3rd party

Well if you don't set it up properly (ie using your domain and just redirecting to feedburner) if you ever decide to leave them you're in for a major headache. Other than that there's a delay between you updating/posting and it appearing on feedburner usually 20-30 minutes. That said having one bot hit your site and pull your feed in stead of several hundred or thousand balances out the equation.

Thanks for the reply - what

Thanks for the reply - what always worries me is putting a loads of feeds on feedburner, only to see them cause complications - billing, technical, etc.

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